Choirs of Angels

How Many Types or Choirs of Angels are There?


This article is to help you understand the different types or Choirs of Angels as well as what each type does…the Angels exist in a hierarchy, and the different groups are divided into triads.

First triad:  Seraphims, Cherubim and Thrones

  1. Seraphims are without question the closest in all of heaven to the very throne of God.  Their primary function is to circle the incomprehensibly beautiful throne in perpetual adoration of the Lord chanting, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the entire earth is full of His Glory”. They are associated with fire and with the redemptive healing flame of love, for they are literally living flames. The intensity of their pure love of God pours out of them as a flawless reflection of the Divine love that emanates from the Lord.
  2. firsttriadangel2-zaraCherubim are known to sing the praises of God, and they also have the responsibility of driving the chariot of the Lord, a key symbol of such mystical traditions as the Merkabah. They also maintain the records of heaven and are responsible for a myriad of details that must be fulfilled to maintain the heavenly host. They are also the guardians of the fixed stars.   
  3. Thrones have the task of carrying out and fulfilling the Divine justice of the Lord. Despite their greatness, they are intensely humble, an attribute that permits them to dispense justice with perfect objectivity.  One of their symbols is the throne.

Second Triad:  Dominions, Virtues and Powers

  1. Dominions have the responsibility of maintaining the order of the cosmos. They also handle minute details of cosmic life and existence including designating tasks to lower orders of angels.
  2. virttueangel2-zaraVirtues have the job of presiding over the elements of the world and the process of celestial life. Their responsibilities include keeping all heavenly bodies in their divinely appointed routes and progress, and they mark and guide every facet of natural life including rain, wind, snow, etc..  They are in charge of miracles, and as such, they receive orders from the Powers and are also closely connected with the prayers of Saints. They assist humanity through bestowing grace and valor and help people to endure hardship and have the personal strength to turn ever toward God. 
  3. Powers are the great harmonizers who maintain cosmic order and equilibrium, and have the task of defeating the efforts of demons to overthrow the world and defend the cosmos against evil. They guard the heavenly paths between heaven and earth. They also concern themselves with all humanity, and assist each soul to overcome the temptations placed before it. They do their best to influence people to overcome the temptations of evil and to choose proper action – to love and honor God.

Third triad:  Principalities, Archangels and Angels

  1. triadangel2-zaraPrincipalities have the roles of caretakers over every nation, province, county, district, city, town, village, every place and every person.  They have direct involvement in the affairs of humanity, using the strength of heaven to move the hearts and minds of those mortals with whom they have direct contact.  They also sometimes perform inexplicable miracles or events that are not even noticed by humans, left unexplained, or dismissed as unusual natural phenomena.
  2. Archangels have the primary duty of carrying out the will of God as it relates directly to humanity. The blessings they bring represent the special concern of God for each and every human life.  It is for this reason that the archangels are said to intervene regularly in the affairs of men and women, be it on the battlefield, in impending disaster, and in the private anguish and sorrow of the living. In each case, they impart a portion of their incalculable compassion and love, and they give comfort, solace, and fortitude at the darkest of moments.
  3. Angels act as messengers of the Lord to the earth, and also as guardians of the human soul. They are beings of pure spirituality and exist to fulfill the tasks given to them by God.


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