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Why I Call My Psychic Readings Angel Readings…

ZARAAngelReader-AngelReadingsbyZARAThe reason I chose to call my sessions “Angel Readings” rather than simply “Psychic Readings”, is because I had received messages that the good angels, particularly Archangel Michael, wanted to work through my mediumship, and I understood that this was my mission. The Angels asked me to use my natural gifts and work with them, so I could help Incarnated Angels and other people get clarity and angel guidance in their lives.

In my Angel Readings, I start with a prayer. Then I clear negative, fourth dimension entities, (lower astral beings), out so I’m just working with the highest and the best so I don’t get any negative interference. Then information starts flowing through from the angels about who the person is on the deepest level of their soul. Then the Angel Reading becomes very interactive and the person I’m doing the reading for can ask questions and get answers, guidance and insight for virtually everything they want to know. The readings are often extremely profound, and just one reading can change the person’s life so much for the better that they state they feel a world of difference, but most true, Incarnated Angels can tell that working with me regularly helps them accomplish their purpose to such a degree, that they choose to come back for ongoing sessions.

Why do people seek an Angel Reading?

Actually, not everyone who comes for my Angel Readings have questions already prepared. Some were intuitively drawn to my name, my face, something about the ad they saw that made them feel they should call me. I’ve also heard countless stories that when their friend who already came to me mentions their Angel Reading, the person hearing knows beyond question they need to talk to me and experience one of my Angel Reading themselves.

So, when we start the Angel Reading, they simply begin with the faith that there is something the angels want to tell them, and they trust that the reading will give them that, but they don’t have any questions. That’s okay, because questions in the beginning of the session are not necessary and the angels don’t require them in order to give the person exactly what they need in their Angel Reading.

During their Angel Readings, it sometimes comes to the surface that they are Incarnated Angels, and if that is the case, I help them understand what that means.

What I teach during an Angel Reading…

AkashicRecords-ZARAI also teach them about a game that is going on in this world which they probably didn’t know about, and how this game has been affecting them and what they need to do about it. I teach them why Incarnated Angels came to this world in the first place and what being an Incarnated Angel means for them, and I coach them in how to better manifest their purpose while here on earth. The result of the understanding I impart, in addition to the energetic Akashic Records clearing, often makes a huge positive difference in their lives.

Next, when I teach them who they really are and what the story is behind the things they believe and think they know, much of what they have been upset about in the past gets cleared up, and they see the truth for what it is. This is true even if they have been upset about something for years.  I help them understand things from the angels’ perspective, and this understanding can help them realize, for instance, (as a common scenario), that although their friends and family have treated them like a “black sheep”, they are really an Incarnated Angel who was targeted, not because there was anything wrong with them, but  because the “dark side” has always been against them and has influenced people throughout their lives to be mean to them and even possibly shun them.

How an Angel Reading can help with situations in my client’s life…

For each client, I teach them how to deal with specific situations in their lives, and I explain what has really been going on, which helps the clients enormously, because they could never tell for sure what was really going on before. This is because, the truth of what had been going on in their lives is usually not obvious, yet what was really happening, when it is uncovered, can help the person feel sane, normal, and acknowledged. This is true even though, before the reading, and for all the years of their lives, they often believed that they were the problem, even though they were not the problem at all. Often, these Incarnated Angels feel that no matter how good, kind and loving they are in their relationships, they are not loved and accepted in return, so they end up believing themselves to be the problem, even though, in truth, they were not the problem at all, but were instead the light of the family that has gone unappreciated and unacknowledged.

In addition to explaining what’s really gone on in their lives and helping them with it, I also clear “negative programs”, which helps lessen the impact of previous traumas, and helps to clean a substantial amount of negativity from their Akashic Records. Clearing the Akashic Records is important because, while they and the angels and I cannot change what has previously happened in their lives, clearing some of it from their Akashic Records can help them turn over a new leaf in life and get their lives going in a positive direction..

In a future article I’ll share with you what my readings are like…

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