What is Reincarnation

What Is Reincarnation And Does It Have A Purpose?

Reincarnated-AngelReadingsByZARAReincarnation is the belief that when the body dies, the soul lives on, and then, through the normal process of birth, comes into a new body and is born again.

If reincarnation is true, what is it’s purpose?

According to many eastern religions, our souls are born into bodies repeatedly in order to assist us on our journey towards enlightenment. In this belief system, we each need to experience many lifetimes in order to get it right. Then after eventually learning the lessons we need to, we’re no longer compelled to come back again, but can instead remain in a higher realm.

Biblical support for the concept of reincarnation:

There are several passages from the Bible that cannot be properly understood without an awareness of reincarnation. Here are two examples…

1 – Revelations 3:12

He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he will not go out from it anymore; and I will write on him the name of My God”

There is no way that sense can be made of this passage without taking into account the concept of reincarnation. Correctly interpreted, it states that we are born again and again, in order to eventually overcome illusion. Then, after overcoming the pitfalls of illusion, we are allowed to remain in a higher realm..

2 – John 9:1-2 

As he went along he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’”

The obvious question is: How could the man possibly have been born blind because of a sin he committed before his birth? This shows that the people questioning must have believed in reincarnation. If this was not an acceptable concept, one would think He would immediately have corrected them. Instead, He simply answered their question. This shows they were familiar with the concept of reincarnation, and considered it an acceptable belief system.

Why I believe in reincarnation:

ReincarnationMemories-AngelReadingsByZARAI’ve had several past life memories which have convinced me that reincarnation is true. These have included visions of myself in other countries, other time-frames, different settings – both rich and poor, and in both masculine and feminine bodies. Some of the avenues allowing me to have such memories have been past life regression, vivid dreams, and spontaneous visions in my waking state.

Past life regressions…

I’ve facilitated hundreds of past life regressions for individual clients and groups. During their past life regression experiences, scenes the participants experience routinely bring up strong emotion that shows on their faces. It is clear that what they’re experiencing is real, and I’m regularly impressed by the detail they tell me about afterwards.

Why we don’t always remember past lives:

If you’ve had past lives, but have not recalled any, you may wonder why you don’t remember them. The answer to this is that if our soul came into our bodies remembering all of its past lives, our minds would start out too cluttered, and it would be too difficult to concentrate on the life at hand.

Why care about your past lives?

SelfReflection-AngelReadingsByZARAFinding out who you were and what you did before you were born into your current lifetime can be fascinating and helpful. It’s healthy to understand who you were and what you did before, because it can help you understand yourself better. Knowing about your past lives can help you recognize why you have certain tendencies that you never fully understood before, and why some things are extremely important to you that may not be at all important to other family members or friends.

In short, past life memories can give you a clearer picture of yourself…who you really are, and this knowledge can be tremendously helpful in your present life.

I can help guide you through a past life regression to help you understand yourself better.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and the use of a pendulum, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

We can help you discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life.

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