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People Are Led to Me For Angel Readings In Interesting Ways

ZARAAngelReaderWhen people come to me the first time for an Angel Reading, and I ask how they found me, I get  varying answers…

  • Sometimes they tell me they found me through a friend who referred them, because their friend had worked with me before and was enthusiastic to share their positive experience.
  • Sometimes the individual calling me was told by a friend, psychic, or health care provider that they might be an Incarnated angel or Earth angel, after which, they decided to look up Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels on the Internet and found my site through a search. 
  • Sometimes they tell me they find me through looking up words or phrases like “soul mates”, “Spiritual Counseling”, “psychic attacks”, or “angels”, and from there were led to my site.  When they then call or write me, they tell me they were drawn to contact me. I know who it is who encourages them to contact me…It is Archangel Michael.

After I ask new clients the pertinent question of how they found me, the answers they offer gives me a little information about what they are looking for in his or her Reading. This is significant because I feel it is important to give people what they want and need in their Angel Readings.

Some find me by channeling my name… 

Most amazingly, it sometimes even happens that individuals just channel my name, “ZARA”, they then look up ZARA on the internet, find my site, and intuitively know they are meant to contact me.  They tell me they feel deeply within that there is something important I have to tell them that will help them in their lives. And they are right! I have an angelically channeled slogan on the back of my business card that I have consistently used from my beginning as an Angel Reader in 1996,

StrengthenAura-AngelReadingsByZARAThe Angels are here to help us. Only when we open ourselves to receive their messages can we fully receive their help and guidance.” 

To say that some people just channel my name probably seems like I must be kidding, but I’m not. New clients have reported this phenomenon to me numerous times. The interesting phenomena of how people find me, much of it is obviously Angelically guided, in my view, happens through Archangel Michael himself. He clearly supports the work that I do, and the incredibly positive impact the Angel Reading sessions have for clients is something Archangel Michael wants for many.  

You see, many of my clients are very special to Archangel Michael He and other good Angels want these people to get the benefits they will receive only through my Angel Readings and Counseling. This is the reason the Angels make sure – one way or another – that people find me. Archangel Michael himself guides them into reaching out to me for Angel Readings and Counseling, which, of course, if they choose to schedule an appointment, is done of their own accord. 

Examples of people who were led to me through their own channeling:

One young man channeled my name while he rode his bike through Seattle. He’d never heard of me before, but all of a sudden “ZARA, ZARA, ZARA “ kept going through his mind as he weaved his way on his bike. When he got home, he looked up my name and found that there was indeed a ZARA, (at the time, I was in Seattle), and that what I had to offer was exactly the kind of Spiritual Counseling he needed So he called to book an appointment. The session itself, he said, was pivotal in his life and helped him take his next step in his spiritual journey. 

Then there was another young man who wrote to me from Indonesia. This young man told me he had been standing with some friends who kept talking about the ZARA store that sells retail items. Why these 18 and 19 year old young men kept talking about a retail store seemed very odd to the young man, because retail stores were not something they normally talked about at all. Yet they were all raving about ZARA! When he got home, he searched ZARA on the Internet, and after he found my site and read my blog, he contacted me. He said he absolutely knew that the friends were only raving about ZARA because through them was coming the message, in so many words, “Call ZARA”! 

Four years ago, there was another young man who told me he channeled my name in a dream. When he woke up, he did a search on ZARA, found my site, and has been coming to me for Spiritual Counseling and Angel Readings ever since then. 

All who find me are divinely guided…

DivineGuidance2-AngelReadingsByZARAOf course most people who find me and choose to schedule appointments find me in a more ordinary way than the above examples, but all of them are divinely guided. Over and over again, what the clients tell me is that when they hear my name, or see my picture, they know there is something different about this work, and that by connecting with me – and of course, the good angels through me – that they will receive help and benefits that they really will not find anywhere else. They view contacting me and scheduling appointments as opportunities for finding or regaining happiness in their lives and futures, and they see it as something they simply can’t pass up. 

For my part, I completely appreciate every wonderful person that I work with over the phone or Skype, (or in person for clients who want to come to my home), and I wholeheartedly love the good Angels who bring clients and me together. The good Angels are wonderful. They guide and help me in my life, and, especially through the Angel Readings I offer, they can guide and help you in your life as well!

If you would like guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752. An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions.


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