About ZARA

I am an Angel Reader

I work primarily with Archangel Michael and to a lesser degree with the other angels.

In this confusing and trouble-filled world, the angels and I  work together to help you understand your life, solve your problems, and help you to make better decisions.

Sometimes Archangel Michael chooses to speak to you directly through me. Sometimes he simply gives me information that you need to hear, so I can share it to you in my own words.

In 1996 Archangel Michael came to me when I was working as a trance-channel medium for a private client. I had an overwhelming realization that he was in the room with me and then he told me he knew I was ready to be working with him. He wanted me to understand that what I was doing was exactly what I came here to do. Angel Readings.

He stated that I would help many, many people in my dual roles as an Angel Reader.

First, as an Angel Reader, I was to help people through the sharing of angelic wisdom, understanding and loving insight during our Angel Readings.

Second, I was to act as an Angel Advocate for all the angels who had chosen to help humanity by allowing their essence to be born into a human baby. These Incarnated Angels forget much of their true nature through the process of being born and childhood and often assume they are simply human. These kind, sweet, loving angelic people are routinely targeted and attacked unjustly by the Dark Side. As an Angel Advocate, I am here to help them.

Since then, I’ve become an ordained minister of the Awareness of Life Church, leading services in the Everett branch. I’ve taught Metaphysical Trance-work and Hypnotherapy at Everett Community College. I’ve given talks, led workshops, and taught classes all over Western Washington. And with the angels, over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with thousands of clients. Helping them through their family problems, relationship problems, health issues, career and business issues, and yes, even spiritual training. I’ve helped them escape from sociopath spouses and I’ve helped them avoid being scapegoated.

Some stay for only a few sessions, while others continue on with me past the problems stage to attain Spiritual Prosperity, Material Prosperity, Mental Clarity and Physical Health.

I am here to bring helpful, healing Angel messages to those who are open to receive, and to guide people into spiritual and financial prosperity.


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