Inner Child True Essence

Your Inner Child: Discovering Your True Essence

InnerChildObstacles-ZARAThis is the 2nd part of the article: Angel Messages about Your Inner Child

If people understood where and when their blocks got started, they might be able to fix them themselves.

Unfortunately, there is usually such a bad feeling relating to the circumstances of the original programming, that people cannot get past the blocks and obstacles by themselves. In fact, it’s usually difficult to even identify the specific blocks, let alone get past them, and this was true with Erin as well.

Fortunately, the Good Angels I work with in the sessions I do are able to help the clients understand and transcend Inner Child issues.

Original Essence

In Erin’s case, the Angels and I helped her by giving us a full description of her Original Essence.  As the Angels guided me to understand and describe her, Erin had to admit that what they were saying was accurate. The Angels described Erin’s true inner qualities as:  Love, Caring, Sincerity, Beauty, Understanding, and Insight.

They also said that Erin was an Incarnated Angel.

The next step was to “clear” her negative programming through the special techniques of spiritual clearing I apply. After this was complete, the change in Erin’s countenance was  remarkable. As often happens in the sessions I do, her face started to glow. She immediately felt and looked much better than before. By identifying and “clearing” the problem, Erin’s life was changed for the better.

Now, several years later, Erin still notices the difference.  She feels that her life has improved.

Erin’s Comments:

MinisteringAngel-ZARA“It was wonderful.  The Angels helped me remember that I’m an Incarnated Angel, and they validated who I really am.  The Angels allowed me to look at myself and appreciate what you and others see, and what I’ve accomplished.  I don’t need so much outside validation anymore.  Now I can validate myself.  Now it’s safe to open up.”

While it is true that we will always have challenges and obstacles in our lives, it is also true that finding out who we really are, and “clearing out the rest” is an invaluable aid in getting back onto our own True Path.

The Angels are here to help us, and through the Angel Reading sessions I provide, through helping people to Love and Understand their own Inner Child, they are helping improve people’s lives so they can feel much happier and more successful than ever before.

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