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Hello Friends,
If not effectively dealt with, inner child issues can definitely hold you back, and no reasonably ambitious person wants to be held back from their potential.  So, since everyone has an inner child, learning what your issues are and dealing with those issues effectively is  important for you if you want to develop your potential and accomplish whatever worthy goal you have set out to achieve.
Those issues are typically negative blocks from your past. If you understood when and where your negative blocks got started, you might be able to clear them yourself. But, when you are personally involved, the truth is that it’s almost impossible to clear all of your blocks without help. However, through my Angel Readings, the Angels of Light are able to help you gain great understanding of former issues, and to ultimately transcend your inner child issues…

Many people believe their Inner Child issues are over and have already been dealt with.

Because they have attended seminars and workshops, visited psychologists and healers of various kinds, talked it out with their friends, etc., or simply believe that since years have passed, they are over it over it.

Still, every time those issues come to mind, (often daily), the pain is still there, which, when you think about it, is a clear sign that they’re not really over those issues at all.

In fact, regardless of people’s common “belief” that they’re over their Inner Child issues, the Good Angels assure me that these issues remain hurtful and cause problems in people’s lives until they’re resolved, regardless of how many years it’s been.

Yet few facilitators possess the insight and skill necessary to really help people resolve their childhood issues, and sometimes their lack of understanding, (while they say an think they’re helping), actually exacerbates the inner child issues and makes the clients feel worse than before.

How Angel Readings can help with Inner Child Issues?

In the Angel Readings I provide, I have a unique way of working with people to help them resolve their childhood blocks.

That is:  I’m working with Angels, and the angels really understand what people have gone through, and this understanding shows in the Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling I do. Using the gifts God has given me, the angels allow me to understand sensitive people, and in the sessions, these people love feeling understood and cared about. Then, through the light of true understanding and compassion, the angels and I help the clients resolve their childhood issues.

Through the healing work the Angels accomplish in the sessions I facilitate, issues relating to the client’s Inner Child frequently arise. In one of my Readings, an individual we will call Erin, who has been on the Spiritual Path for many years, told me she “had already worked out her Inner Child issues” long before. Yet, in working with her, the Angels showed me that issues concerning her Inner Child were still holding her back.

InnocentChild=AngelReadingsByZARALooking into this, her Guardian Angels took us back to a scene from early childhood in which she, as a nine-year old “good little Lutheran girl” sat in a Sunday School class in which the subject under discussion was “Other religions of the world”. The subject was very interesting to Erin because she had recently been looking into some of the books at home concerning other religions, and had concluded from her own observations that all of the religions had a continuity of purpose, and were all related.

As a little nine-year old, Erin raised her hand in Sunday School class, and when called upon asked the following question, “Aren’t all of the religions really connected? Aren’t we all heading in the same direction, but doing it in different ways?”

Erin’s innocent question apparently incensed the teacher, because, without explanation, she told Erin to “leave Sunday School for the day”… And that was how it was left!

Perceptions of a child…

Perhaps if you had been in the room at the time, and you had heard the question, you would have seen through the short-sighted prejudice of the teacher, but Erin was only a child when this happened, and she was shocked, causing instant tramatization and long-term negative programming, resulting in Erin not feeling sure about herself and thinking she was a bad person. Even after Erin grew up, she still looked upon this memory as proof that there was SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER! – not with the teacher.

Yet the problem was clearly with the teacher, not with Erin at all. Erin had asked an innocent question, and regardless of the teacher’s beliefs, the teacher should have answered appropriately rather than “making Erin wrong” for even asking the question, and banishing Erin from the Sunday School class.

If people understood where and when their blocks got started, they might be able to fix them themselves. Unfortunately, there is usually such a bad feeling relating to the circumstances of the original programming, that people cannot get past the blocks and obstacles on their own. In fact, it’s usually difficult to even identify the specific blocks, let alone get past them, and this was true with Erin as well.

In our next article we’ll learn the rest of Erin’s story and how the Angels helped her discover her true essence and they can help you too…

If you would like an Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling to help you find what your Inner Child issues might be and to understand who you are and what your purpose is, Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752 I can help answer some of your deepest life questions.

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