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Why Incarnated Angels Have the Ability to Manifest Positivity into Reality

ChildOfGod-AngelReadingsByZARAThe reason I am writing this article is to teach and encourage Incarnated Angels to use their abilities of consciously manifesting their beneficial, positive ideas in order to help create positive realities for themselves and others.

Every human on the face of the earth is a child of God because everyone has has a Divine origin.  This means that in the beginning, everyone was created out of God’s essence. Every human soul was brought out of God, which also means that everyone has the ability to be somewhat intuitive or possibly even psychic. Yet, Incarnated Angels naturally have a much stronger ability in this area than do regular humans. It is not to say that Incarnated Angels are better than regular humans, rather that they have different skills and different propensities.

Another truth is that everyone has some ability to manifest things from their thoughts into reality – meaning they may focus on ideas so strongly that, even without as much effort as they would normally have expected, the ideas can actually take physical form in outer reality. Yet, Incarnated Angels have a much greater skill in doing this than do ordinary people.

Incarnated Angels tend to be extra good at manifesting their thoughts and goals into physical reality.

Angel Work…

One of the things I’ve written and spoken about  previously is the concept of “angel work”. I define that as the good deeds Incarnated Angels do their best to accomplish during their sojourn on earth in their human body. For instance…

  • PositiveHelp-AngelReadingsByZARAHelping a friend who needs moral support can be one example of doing your “angel work”.
  • Seeing a stranger who is looking glum, and consciously giving them a great big smile and a friendly “Hello!” can also be an example of doing your “angel work”.
  • Starting a business or a project that you feel could help others solve their basic problems connected with health, well-being, happiness or getting their basic needs met can be another avenue for doing one’s “angel work”.

Incarnated angels tend to be especially good at manifesting their thoughts into reality. This is a very encouraging fact for those of you who identify yourselves as Incarnated Angels. What this means is if you have a wonderful idea to help others with, you are more than likely capable of manifesting it, in other words, you can create a very positive business or a book or other medium of expressing what you believe to be true, and by doing so, you are doing your best to get your “angel work” done by helping others.

Some thoughts people concentrate on are positive. Many of the thoughts they bring into reality are negative. This includes both Incarnated Angels and regular humans.  Most people, I feel, are aware that fully concentrating on negative things can help bring about problems and issues.

“Manifesting” can be either good or bad. On the negative side, people can be afraid of something and manifest it into existence through obsessing on what they want not to happen as opposed to what they actually want to happen.

On the positive side, people have the ability to focus so clearly on what they want that their thoughts help them manifest what they want into actuality, and this is especially true for Incarnated Angels.

Although regular humans and Incarnated Angels both, through their thoughts and actions, can manifest positive things into reality, it is much easier for Incarnated Angels to do so than it is for others.

How do Incarnated Angels make the world a better place?

MakeAChange-AngelReadingsByZARAIncarnated Angels are on earth to help God help humanity. The individual incarnated Angels may or may not consciously realize who they really are and what they’re really here to do, but because of their inherent tendencies to want to make the world a better place and in some way help humanity, it is not uncommon for them to dream up ideas to, for instance, help children, help women, help animals, help the earth, help humanity in various ways, and they would like to manifest their ideas into reality.

In speaking with thousands of Incarnated Angels over the years, I have observed that they often develop ideas for creating businesses which would be key in contributing to helping humanity and  helping the world be a better and more hospitable place. Or, they may have ideas that would help their families, or their communities, or their friends, which, if listened to and implemented, could possibly make things better for everyone involved.

In individual readings with people, I often encourage such positive endeavors. Since Incarnated Angels are here to help God and humanity by doing their “angel work”, I feel their ideas, which would create more positivity in the world, should be encouraged, because this is right in line with their purpose.

ZARAHappy-AngelReadingsByZARAIf you would like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, and how to accomplish your “angel work”, or for guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752. An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you with every aspect of finding and staying on your highest true life path.

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