Angels Among Us

Who Are The Angels Among Us?

AngelsInOurMidst-AngelReadingsByZARAI’m an Angel Reader. One of the main reasons I incarnated here has been to offer guidance and direction for angels on earth, angels who are among us who would otherwise feel hurt, confused, and alone… I’ve known who I am and have been very successful as an Angel Reader for over fifteen years.

After incarnating here and eventually waking up to who they are, earth angels need to be debriefed and receive guidance. All angels need that. They can begin to “wake up” all by themselves, but after awhile, they need assistance to discover what their purpose here is.

Who Are these Angels?

That’s where my work comes in. When people find me, many times they don’t realize they are actually angels. I’m not saying that everyone who comes to me is an earth angel, because I work with all types of people on all types of issues.

Still, when I discover through my psychic abilities within a Psychic/Angel Reading that the person I am working with is actually an incarnated angel, I usually tell them.

Then I help the individual to understand what that means from a practical point of view. This knowledge helps them to understand themselves and as well as helps them develop their lives in a way that truly makes sense.

Being an angel on earth is really a wonderful thing. It means that you do have a purpose, that you’re usually very intelligent, very gifted, very insightful, and that when you stand for something important, and you stand for it all the way.

It also means that you are a good friend – both to God, the angels and other people.

One of the pitfalls I help the Incarnated Angels to avoid is letting their egos take over…thinking they are better than others just because they are angels.

Actually, being an angel does not make you better than anyone else is. All people, all angels, all beings are God’s children. Every child of God is as important as every other child of God.

Being an Earth Angel just makes you a little different…

AngelToEarth-AngelReadingsByZARAUnderstanding that difference can help you, as an angel, become more comfortable with yourself and can help you in your various life-decisions.

As an Angel, you have specific distinguishing characteristics (like being extra sensitive and extra psychic, etc), so understanding these characteristics and who you are helps to understand your purpose on earth and how you can serve others.

If you’re an Angel, you have come to earth for a specific purpose.

REMEMBERING you’re actually an angel, and discovering your true purpose can help you plan and direct your life. Otherwise, you may feel as though you’re wandering through life aimlessly and you’ll never feel satisfied.

ZARAHappy-AngelReadingsByZARAMy job is to help the Incarnated Angels get a clear idea about who they are, what their purpose is, how to create what they really want in their lives and how to REALLY be happy.

If you would like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, or for guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752. An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you with every aspect of finding and staying on your highest true life path.


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