Archangel Michael and Incarnated Angels

Do Incarnated Angels Receive Guidance From Archangel Michael?

ArchangelMichaelFace-AngelReadingsByZARAArchangel Michael wants every Incarnated Angel to know that he will be behind you in all of your worthy endeavors.

Every Incarnated Angel/Earth Angel has a connection with Archangel Michael. Over the past many years, I have talked to numerous clients who said that they felt very close to him and that many times, they could feel his presence. I’m not surprised by this because I know that Archangel Michael is the one who is energetically behind bringing clients to me for Angel Readings in the first place, and that a large percentage of the people who come to me just happen to be Incarnated Angels.

Even when people find me on the Internet, on a deeper level, it is Archangel Michael who brings our energies together.

What are ZARA’s Angel Readings like?

PsychicZARA-AngelReadingsByZARAWithin the Angel Readings, I start with a prayer. Then the Angels and I clear out negative entities. We do this so dark-side entities cannot interfere with the information that I receive in the Readings. Then, as the Readings progress, information comes through about the clients that directly relates to the character and soul of the individual. Archangel Michael is the one who delivers the information revealed in the Readings.

Often, the descriptions that come through startle the clients with their accuracy. This helps the client know that the good Angels, including Archangel Michael, are involved.

The reason the Readings are so accurate is because I’m actually working with Angels, which is where the information comes from. It’s coming from the Angels. No wonder it’s accurate! Remember, the good Angels actually know each of us better than anyone else does, and who would know better how to guide and help us than the Angels? The result of the Readings is that the clients feel understood and loved, and get the help they need.

They also find that solutions, or the beginnings of solutions are found. At the very least, substantial help pours through from the Angels that can help the clients get through whatever difficulties they have been facing.

The Readings themselves become very interactive, and the client is encouraged to ask questions, or to just talk about what they are present to as we continue the sessions. It is an amazing, highly enjoyable, spiritual experience, and  it often becomes clear that much of the information that comes through is profoundly helpful and the advice the Angels give in the Readings is spot-on and practical.

Discovering life purpose through Angel Readings…

IncarnatedAngelPurpose-AngelReadingsByZARAAn important topic that often gets brought up during initial Angel Readings is the one having to do with purpose. It seems that Incarnated Angels tend to have a deep knowing within themselves that says that they have something important to do in this life. Oftentimes they already have important ideas for what they are meant to do, and they want it verified by the Angels. As many times as not, they don’t have any idea of what they’re meant to do, and they simply want some guidance. Many of them feel enormously frustrated about the life they are living and the work they are doing because they feel their work falls short of expressing their true purpose.

In terms of how to do their Angel-work, I tell them that they are probably already doing more of their Angel-work than they realize. I also tell them that adding to their intuitively performed Angel-work, typically involving things like simple acts of kindness and informal teaching and guiding of others, that by getting into an occupation that is in line with their ideals, they would get to the point of feeling more comfortable with themselves. This would simultaneously help them to accomplish more of their Angel-work than they were able to before.

Good works come naturally…

Again, I want to stress that Incarnated Angels often do more good in the day than they realize. It just comes so naturally for them to care, be kind to others and to be as helpful as they can be…they take what they themselves do for granted. Another aspect that comes through in Readings is that Incarnated Angels can often be treated like black sheep—as children, by other kids in school, and as adults, by people that they know sometimes even including members of their families!

Fortunately, the guidance the clients receive in the Angel Readings we do can help them with finding and achieving their goals, can help them in their work, and also, very importantly, in their feelings about themselves. Archangel Michael helps to make it known, in the Readings, that he is pleased with whatever efforts of goodness they have performed throughout their lives, and that he will always be behind their worthy endeavors.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngAn Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, help you with every aspect of finding and staying on your highest true life path and enhance your own spiritual journey.

If you would like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, and how to accomplish your “angel work”, or for guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752

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