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Important Insights from Archangel Michael

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Archangel Michael came through in one of my classes a while back, and revealed insights and answers on several important topics.  These insights were recorded by J.M.

This is the first in a 2-part series, sharing with you…

Highlights from the channeled session with Archangel Michael:

~ How to Positively Influence the Planet 

Whatever we THINK is what we are contributing to the planet.  If we want to change the planet in a positive way, we need to choose our thoughts carefully.  Over time, we will be surprised to notice startlingly positive changes in the world around us.

Breathing and Thinking Pink 

(Breathing pink to become younger and to feel happier has been recommended by ZARA)

When you THINK the color “pink”, you are adding more God energy to the planet, and at the same time you become younger, more optimistic and regain childlike happiness.

Sometimes you get hooked into thinking that things have to be a certain way because you live in a material world, so you believe everything here is reality. Yet things are not so real as you think.
For instance, you believe that you have to get old – that’s a programmed idea. You may have to “pass away” someday, but why get old first? The cells of your body have the ability to replace themselves in perfection. They never need to deteriorate as the cells split to create daughter cells…
Thinking and breathing pink helps to maintain and/or recreate youthful health.

~ The Highest Priorities 

The most important concepts in our lives are Truth, Grace, Purity, Crystal Clear Clarity, and Kindness.

In terms of Crystal Clear Clarity, it is vitally important to have a regular meditation practice.  The amount of time is not as important as constancy – meditating regularly on a daily basis.

MeditationForClarity-AngelReadingsbyZARAThe purpose of meditation is to make Divine contact through the state of calmness and through the third eye.

The physical position you use during meditation, whether sitting or lying down, is not the most important aspect, however the spine should be straight, and you must focus on God. That is the only way meditation will lead to the Divine.

Regular meditation helps you to trust yourself to know that you will return to a state of divine communion everyday. In this way you will keep the promise you made to yourself before entering this life which was to become connected and to stay connected with the Divine.

Meditation gives you a baseline of peacefulness to lovingly reconnect with God so that people and situations will not get you out of your peace state, and so you will be able to stay on course with your true purpose in life.

When you meditate regularly, God sends His/Her energy to you through scintillating light–especially white light, pink light, and rainbow colors of light.

~ Color Therapy 

HealingLightTherapy-AngelReadingsbyZARAOn a related topic, knowledge of the power of Color Therapy has been almost completely lost on this planet because of all-out attacks from the dark-side which have caused major suppression of this knowledge.

However, now, because of the angels of light winning in major skirmishes against the dark-side,  knowledge of the immense power of Light and Color Therapy are beginning to make a  come-back on this earth. The angels of light know how important it is to bring an understanding of the healing power of color back into the world, and they are doing everything they can to make this happen.

The reason the knowledge of the subtle yet immense power of color is making a come-back is because the angels of light have been working very hard to bring this knowledge back.

In my next Article I will continue sharing the important insights from Archangel Michael.


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