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Prepare to Talk to the Good Angels

ChristmasAngel-AngelReadingsByZARAEspecially at Christmas time each year, with angel decorations all around, many people think about angels and wonder if they’re real. In fact, some people take it a step further and, believing angels are real, wonder what their angels would like to tell them.

What about you? What would happen if you could commune with angels?

How would your life change?

Would the angels give you guidance?

Would the angels tell you you’re right on target in your life and activities, or would they tell you to change your ways?

Would they give you warnings about people and events?

Would they help you to understand God and true spirituality?

Remembering the good angels all year round…

I know good angels are real because I commune with them daily and you can learn to commune with angels too. When you do this with the simple steps I’ve outlined below, the benefits are enormous, and you will feel much better about your life and who you are. Through the angels’ counsel, they can help you solve many of the problems you’ve been dealing with, and they can help you live a happier, more meaningful life than ever before. In fact, communicating with good angels can help you change your life remarkably – always for the better.

As I said before, I know angels are real, because I commune with them daily. I believe in and love good angels, and just for fun, I keep angel decorations in my home year round. I have porcelain angels, plastic angel decorations, angel candles and angel magnets. I even have  portraits of angels, and angel wall-hangings, and all of it reminds me to occasionally stop whatever I’m doing, close my eyes, and directly commune with glorious, loving angels of God several times each day. I do this beyond the time I spend each day in prayer and meditation.

Doing so has allowed me to develop a close relationship with good angels, and having this relationship has helped me to avoid many mistakes in life, and has frequently helped me to make positive, beneficial choices instead. On many occasions, the angels have helped me out of tough and dangerous situations, and they’re always there when I need them.

When angels answer…

When I commune with good angels, I tell them I love and value them, and I always want their guidance in my life. Then I ask a  special question of them, and wait unexpectedly. I know that a loving response from the angels will be sure to come if I wait a moment or two. When the answer comes, it comes as a sign, or as an auditory message, or both, and the answers I receive help me in every single aspect of my life.  And for this help, I feel very blessed, and am incredibly grateful.

If you too would like to commune with good angels directly, the first thing to understand is that good angels are attracted to vibrations of love, harmony and peace. Developing those qualities within yourself helps to attract good angels. So start by allowing yourself to be open and loving. Very simply, you can do this by thinking of a time, place, person or pet that you love, then ponder and experience that love. As you learn to commune with good angels, remember to pay close attention to subtleties.  You’ll want to do this because vibrations from angels are subtle, and if you pay attention to subtleties, you’re more likely to perceive the presence of good angels. Then, the love you feel will help prepare you for good angels to commune with you directly.

Practical tips to help you commune with good angels:

Begin by starting an Angel Journal…Have your journal and a pen ready from the beginning. Then…

  1. AngelJournal-AngelReadingsByZARAFind a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, use this place to commune with angels daily.
  2. Choose a regular time to meditate for at least a half-hour each day. This meditation will strengthen your aura and help prepare you to call in the good angels of God.
  3. Begin with a prayer of protection, and ask good angels to guide you.
  4. Take a few deep breaths and relax.
  5. Meditate on the loving relationship you have and want to develop with God and the angels.
  6. After meditation, sit quietly, and ask good angels to come into your life and bring you helpful messages.
  7. Pay close attention to subtle thoughts and impressions that spring forth.
  8. Check with your heart to see whether the thoughts and impressions are coming from love. If they are coming from fear, dismiss them.  If they are coming from love, record them.
  9. Write down all thoughts and impressions that come from love.
  10. Give thanks to God and the angels for the love and messages they bring you.
  11. Choose to actively follow the guidance you have received from the loving angelic messages you have written in your angel journal.
  12. Follow this practice each day, as often as you can.

If you practice these steps daily, over time you will get results. Good angels are here to help you, and they want to commune with you. When you continually do your part, they will do their part. Success will come. Your part is to persist…Their part is to commune with you the moment you are ready.

Once your communion with good angels begins, as long as you maintain a loving attitude and continue your daily practice of the steps I outlined above, your communion will continually grow stronger. Then, through angel insight and angel communion, you will discover the benefit of a fuller, richer life, and you will feel more love, more joy and greater peace in your heart and your life than ever before.

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