Incarnated Angel Work

How You Can Do Your Work as an Incarnated Angel

When you do good work with the idea of helping God help humanity, you are doing your Angel Work.

IncarnatedAngelsService-AngelReadingsbyZARAOne Incarnated Angel can do a huge amount of good. Of course, how much good they do in life is largely dependent on their personal aspirations, goals and achievements. If an Incarnated Angel is mostly focused on their family and normal, every-day associates, then the good they do may affect a relatively small number of people. If they happen to be interested in reaching not only their family and associates, but also the public, then those Incarnated Angels can positively influence a greater number of people.

Of course, being good to, and helping one’s family is foremost, and if at all possible, this should come first. The next step could be to expand your influence to helping other people as well. When you do these things – helping family members, and helping other people for the sake of kindness and love – you are doing your Angel Work. This means that when you are out and about – going to work, visiting shops, walking along the street with your dog – any of it, whenever you see people or animals, and you say “hello” or offer a kind word of encouragement, or listen to someone who really wants to talk, or help someone who’s in trouble, you are doing your Angel Work.

The Impact Incarnated Angels Can Have…

Here are some examples of how Incarnated Angels can reach more of the public and therefore have an even greater influence on others. They can do this through writing books and articles, through music and the entertainment field, through public speaking, and teaching. If scientifically gifted, an Incarnated Angel could become the inventor of new technology that could solve any of a number of humanity’s problems. Another possibility would be to become a true teacher that exposes commonly held misconceptions from the past and highlights a truer perspective for others to ponder. There are many possibilities.

So you see, just one Incarnated Angel can do a tremendous amount of good.

Incarnated Angels Face Resistance

But as you’re trying to do good, you’ll sometimes also have to deal with issues created by the Dark Side. This is a force that hates humanity and is against all good. They try to target Incarnated Angels even more than they target other people. They don’t want you to help people. They don’t want things to be okay, so they try to cause problems to slow you down.

How to effectively sidestep the Dark Side…

ReadingwithPendulum-ZARAWhile the Dark Side is a formidable foe, their attacks are not foolproof, and this is where having Readings & Clearings from me can really come in handy. With added perspective, and Clearings, we can help you sidestep or cancel many of the issues the Dark Side creates. Then, once again, it will be easier for you to move forward.

Effective sidestepping requires understanding the dynamics of the various situations, and recognizing that the Dark Side’s real motive is to discourage you from moving forward in doing your Angel Work and accomplishing your goals. Knowing this helps you to not take Dark Side attacks as personally as you did before. Rather, you can see that the Dark Side is just trying to discourage you, and you can simply decide that it’s not going to work. Then, in a private session, we can create a  rational plan to sidestep, and deal with things in ways designed to help you become the victor rather than the victim. We do this so you can be happier in life, and so you can move forward in doing good and serving humanity through your Angel Work.

Schedule your private session with me, and we can work together to clear any issues you might have and develop your plan to do the work you were sent here to do.

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