Mandela Effect and New Earth

The Mandela Effect and the New Earth

TheAgeOfAquarius-AngelReadingsByZARAOn December 21st, 2020, we shifted into the Age of Aquarius. While the Age of Pisces was a lot heavier and darker than many of us realized at the time, this new age that we’re just now beginning, is going to be much lighter and more honest than was the previous age.

For a while, before December 21st, 2020, when you looked up in the sky, you could see that the planet Jupiter was moving towards Saturn to apparently “catch up” with Saturn to arrest or shoot “him”.  Symbolically, Saturn represents Satan, while Jupiter represents God.  This means that in the Age of Aquarius, as we move more deeply into it, Saturn, or Satan will no longer rule, and the earth will be much better for all of humanity, and even for the animals as well.

Eventually, on December 21st, 2020, Jupiter visually caught up with Saturn, and since December 21st occurs in the sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, was seen as having the bow and arrow of Sagittarius  in his hands, and while pointing the arrow at Saturn, he shot Saturn. This, symbolically means Satan has been shot, which means that the whole earth will soon be free to finally live an unoppressed life.

For some, this might seem like crazy-talk. You might not even know that you have been oppressed because the enemy has done what he’s done so cleverly that most people are not aware of the huge contrast between the way things have been versus the way they should have been.

The affect it has had on humans…

FreeFromOppression-AngelReadingsByZARAWe humans have had so many of our rights stripped away from us, and the dark side has worked very hard at dumbing us down so, for instance, they wanted us to have a very limited vocabulary. In terms of this, they have been purging thousands of words from common usage, so that words and concepts have been forgotten. Among other things, this makes it harder for us to communicate with one another.

 My contention is that both regular humans and Incarnated Angels have been extremely oppressed, and now the dark veil that has hidden that fact from most people is finally being lifted.

Another thing I would add is that people need to know their true history in order to know who they really are, how things got to be the way they are, and what we need to do in order to avoid past mistakes, and to create a happier future. This is another area where the dark side has deceived us and kept us ignorant. The dark side both lies to us about what has happened in the past, and they withhold truth and facts about what has happened in the past, so we never even find out. At this point, it seems they are now, even attempting to wipe out our interest in the past altogether. They’re doing this, I believe, in order to disallow us from cognitively connecting the present with the past. The ultimate effect of this for us would be extremely damaging.

The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect of changing realities, which I have written about and explained in a previous article, is evidence to me that there are two separate realities occurring parallel to each other. This is the reason some people will get so angry when you actually prove that the Mandela effect is real. Some people desperately want to hold on to the Old Earth mentality, while others of us are joyfully moving into the much easier and lighter energy of the New Earth.  The Old Earth was about suppression of truth, knowledge, and suppression of our true nature as children of God.

AngelReadingsAndClearings-AngelReadingsByZARAI’ve often written about Incarnated Angels, of which I am one, and how the Incarnated Angels have come here at this time to come into the world and help. This function is especially important at this time, so if you identify yourself as an Incarnated Angel, first, do tons of research from a search engine such as Duckduckgo and from books, and then get involved with informing and helping others understand and adapt to the New Earth energies that are rapidly flowing in at this time.

But something else I want to emphasize right now is how amazing virtually all humans really are. You don’t need to be an Incarnated Angel in order to be amazing. All humans, who have not sold their soul to Satan, are truly amazing.  They just don’t know it. Why don’t they know it? Again, it’s because they’ve been dumbed down. Examples of the kinds of powers humans should have are the power of telepathy, the ability to astral travel, and the ability to manifest anything they want to in the material world. Maybe that’s what it means in the Bible where God tells Adam to tend the earth and subdue it. Tending the earth means to take care of it. Maybe the word “subdue” in this context, actually means that humankind is encouraged to discover their ability to manifest anything they want into physicality.

All of the abilities regular humans have, Incarnated Angels have also. The reason Incarnated Angels are here now is to teach and encourage regular humans to discover their own abilities, their power and their worth much more than ever before in our known history. The journey is also important for Incarnated Angels as well, because we’ve been dumbed down too. Yet, for the most part, we remember who we are, and are more in touch with our powers than regular humans, but we Incarnated Angels have been confused and deceived by the enemy also.

Now it is time for Incarnated Angels and light side humans, that love God, to unite and work together to wake up, discover our latent abilities and powers, and not allow ourselves to be run by the dark side any more.

How has the dark side dumbed us down?

TVIsDarkSideTool-AngelReadingsByZARAEarlier in this article, I mentioned that the dark side has dumbed us down. But how have they done this? The answer is that they’ve used many tools. One of them has been the education system. But the principal tool that they’ve used to accomplish the goal of brainwashing and dumbing us down has been through the media—especially television.  While I actually have a television set in my living room, I don’t have cable. The only things I use the TV set for is as a monitor for my computer, and for occasionally viewing DVD’s. I’ve never used it as a television set, and I never will.  I don’t want the programming.

In fact, in order to free your mind so you can see the truth about things, and to regain the birthright of your natural powers, throwing away your TV set, or at least disconnecting the cable is a very wise move. This may sound radical, and not what you’re prepared to do, but you might want to consider doing it anyway. The reason I say this is because right now, as I indicated earlier, two separate realities are seriously being split off from one another. What I’m calling the old earth will be dark, depressing, and maybe even horrific. It will never get “back to normal”. It will be bad. The New Earth, on the other hand, will be light, glorious, fun, meaningful, and spiritually fulfilling….Which would you prefer?

Remember, the information flowing from your television has extremely bad energy, the purpose of which is to hold you back from progressing. The dark side is 100% in control of all of the television programming. All of it!

Some people I see in the world are so obviously filled with fear and dread, that I think they prefer the darkness.  Subconsciously, they want the old earth.

HappyInLife-AngelReadingsByZARAConcurrently, there are other people who don’t live in fear, and who know that God is with them. To me it seems as if the people who are more relaxed and filled with God are choosing the New Earth. “Why be afraid?’, they say.  ‘I’ll live as long as God wants me to live, and I’ll die when God chooses to take me. Then I’ll go home. What’s the problem?”

By the way, another blessing those who choose the New Earth will receive is very long life. In the Bible, it says that we will live as long as trees. What a concept! And we are also told that we will have excellent health! Many patents of advanced technologies that have been suppressed will soon be released to the public. These wonderful technologies will allow us to live very long and healthy lives. As I told you before, the New Earth will be much different from the old earth. It will be very interesting, and it will be fun!

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and the use of a pendulum, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

We can help you discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life.

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