New Earth Reality Shift

What Is This Reality Shift?

The New Earth and The Mandela Effect

(The Mandela Effect is a situation in which a large mass of people believes that an event occurred when it did not.)

RealityShift-AngelReadingsByZARASome time in 2018, I became aware that things were changing in a surrealistic way. What I mean by that is that reality itself is definitely shifting. There are mountains that have appeared that were never there before. The Great Wall of China is no longer the only great wall. Now there’s a Great Wall of India that supposedly has always been there, but I nor anyone I know has ever heard of before. Does this sound crazy? I don’t know, but for me, it’s beginning to feel normal. I’ve seen it so much.

 In popular culture, Christopher Reeves is no longer Christopher Reeves. Now he’s Christopher Reeve, (with no ‘s’ at the end), and supposedly, it’s always been that way even though no one I know remembers it that way, and there’s plenty of residue to show that his name definitely ended with an ‘s’ before the change occurred.

Changes in the Bible…

Yes, many things in our supposed reality have shifted…there are even changes in the Bible. One of those changes is that the book of Revelations is now Revelation. I am 100% positive that my personal Bible I’ve had since the ‘80’s had Revelations in it, yet now it’s called Revelation without the final ‘s’. I about fell off my chair when I checked my own personal Bible and discovered that Revelations had changed. How could that have happened? It didn’t make any sense. What does this change in reality mean?

There are literally thousands of examples of strange and mysterious changes such as the ones I mentioned, changes that defy explanation. I, myself, do not know what is causing the changes, but the good Angels I work with assure me it’s being done by God. I believe that God is trying to show us something.

BibleChanges-AngelReadingsByZARAWhat I have gotten from the good Angels is that God wants us to understand that this reality is not as solid as we thought. I believe He also wants to give us hints about things we need to know. For instance, the passage in Isaiah in which it says that the lion shall lie down with the lamb, no longer says that. Now it says something radically different. Now, it says the wolf shall dwell with the lamb.

So…the wolf shall dwell with the lamb. Hmmm. That doesn’t sound so good, does it? Whereas the lion lying down WITH the lamb seemed to offer hope of love, peace and harmony in our future, the wolf dwelling with the lamb sounds predatory and dangerous.

But isn’t that exactly what’s going on right now?  We’ve been told that there’s a global pandemic and that we SHOULD ALL be scared!  I cannot see what possible use it can be for people to be scared. Reasonably cautious…certainly. Ridiculously scared…NO! It seems like the ruling class really wants us to be paranoid!

Maybe, especially in light of what’s been going on in 2020, we need a head’s up to understand that the enemy of humankind is dwelling right here on this planet—hence the wolf mentioned in The Bible in place of the lion.

By enemy, I don’t mean the pandemic, which, although is certainly directly affecting some people, has actually directly affected no one that I know. I know many people—from all over the world, and I regularly speak with people from all over the world when they have Angel Readings with me. In questioning them about their pandemic experiences, I can tell you that  none of them know anyone who is sick or has died from what the public has been led to believe is a huge “pandemic”.  None of them.

I’ve seen many videos made by intrepid independent researchers who themselves, have gone to hospitals to see how incredibly overflowing with patients they may be. But what they have reported and shown in their videos is that the hospitals are virtually empty. In fact, they are so empty, it’s uncanny, and nurses and doctors are being laid off.

During a global pandemic? That doesn’t make any sense.

Wait a minute. What would a global pandemic actually be like? Wouldn’t you expect, even with people staying inside, that you would have heard of many people from your neighborhood who had been hit by this scary disease? I feel that the dark side has some sort of hidden agenda that they certainly are not explaining to the populace.

Knowledge , Power and greater Discernment…

It’s good to know these things. With knowledge comes power and greater discernment. You make better decisions when you know what’s up.

SeekAngelHelp-AngelReadingsByZARANow, back to the fact that reality is shifting: Why is this happening? Is the shift part of the reason the dark side is trying to get us into so much fear? Are they trying to make us forget who we are…Divine Beings made by God?  Beings with a purpose?  Maybe they don’t want us to know we all have a purpose. Maybe they are trying to rob us of free will.

An extremely interesting and enticing aspect of reality shifting before our very eyes is that we are perhaps now moving into what has been called The New Earth. They say that while some human souls will advance into the New Earth in this lifetime, other souls will be left behind.

Is the above concept really true? Who knows? But one thing I can say this for sure: Things are changing rapidly in very strange ways that, to me, defy logical explanation. It’s interesting and uncanny.

Regarding the Mandela Effect, and how this ties into the New Earth, is the fact that not everyone is willing to see or acknowledge the validity of the Mandela Effect—even when you show them absolute proof. Sometimes people will see it, and whenever that happens, it’s wonderful. Yet with other people, they will deny it, get angry at you, push you away, and sometimes  even get violent! Some people really don’t want to know. They don’t want to see that reality is not what they thought it was, and they are willing to fight to maintain their ignorance.

But, for me, reality is definitely shifting. I’ve seen ample proof of it, and I know it to be true. The Angels have shown me it’s nothing to fear. What it really means is that some people are graduating into a New Earth that’s much better than the one we’ve been living in thus far. Truly, extraordinary things are happening! To me, there’s no doubt.

What will the New Earth be like and why isn’t everybody going into it?

As I said before, there are many people who don’t want to see the changes, and if left to their own, will not notice the changes  even when you put the full evidence right in front of their faces.

Other people are seeing the changes, and may even be delighted. Some may be frightened at first, but then recognize that there’s nothing to fear. Others recognize the changes as good as soon they notice the changes. Some will flow into it. Others will not.

As I already indicated, there are many people who won’t see the changes no matter how crazy their denial is. I, personally, have not had that problem much at all. The reason I don’t is because, in the Angel Readings I do, people tend to listen respectfully with a very open mind. After all, they’re having a Reading. They tend to be very open-minded during their Angel Readings with me.

But the type of problem I described above, in which people stubbornly  will not see the changes no matter what, is something I’ve heard about from others. It goes like this:

RejectChangingReality-AngelReadingsByZARASometimes, you can get a person to admit how the reality of a certain thing used to be, and they actually tell you that they remember whatever you’re talking about in the way that it was before the shift, and this will correspond with the way you remember it as well. But then, when you show them how it is now, or tell them about it,  they will suddenly change their story and tell you it was always the new way, even though they just admitted the opposite only moments before! And not only that, they get angry about it!

When this happens, it gets crazy. You try to show them, but they remain stubborn. They won’t admit that a supernatural change occurred. They won’t even admit that there’s been a change. They’re apparently too intimidated by the fact that reality, itself, has been shifting.

People like that, who cannot seem to allow themselves to see the changes even when you show them, will probably be among the ones left behind when others are called into The New Earth. Those people are causing themselves to be left behind by their own choice. Of course, they would be most welcome to come into the New Earth too if they could allow themselves to flow with the shift, but if they won’t, they won’t, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

From what I have been told by the Angels, those who refuse to see the changes, and especially those who get angry about it when they are shown, are choosing to be left behind. When the total split happens, and the one Earth theoretically becomes two, the ones who don’t open their minds will stay behind in the old earth. But those who are open-minded and flexible enough to see the miracles that God is creating through the supernatural shifts that are occurring, are making themselves ready for The New Earth.

The New Earth is mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Of course, The Book of Revelations is hard to understand.  Many have tried, but I doubt that anyone has fully gotten it right. Nevertheless, now, as some people’s eyes are opened to realizing they are witnessing the splitting off of one world from another,  the message regarding The New Earth mentioned in The Book of Revelations, is beginning to make sense. Before this time, without experience in something so incredibly mind-boggling as this, it was all but impossible to understand the message therein. Now, with reality showing itself as flexible rather than solid, the message of The New Earth in Revelations seems more understandable.

What would happen if we lost our freedom of choice?

FreeChoice-AngelReadingsByZARATo me, the supposed “pandemic” does not seem nearly as bad as we thought it would be, but the controls the ruling class has put on humanity are severe. If those measures remain in place, the Angels have shown me that humans will lose their God-given gift of freedom of choice.

Please recognize, according to everything I’ve ever heard about God’s plan for humanity, having freedom of choice is absolutely essential. According to God and the Good Angels, without free will, life on Earth would be devoid of all spiritual meaning. We need free will in order to make choices between right and wrong, spiritual health or depravity, God or Satan. We need free will.

Without free will, there’s simply no spiritual purpose for being here. Life on Earth would simply be reduced to animalistic survival. Nothing else. Everything would be controlled by the dark side. Humans would not even be allowed to choose God, or to develop their higher spirituality. Everyone would be reduced to slaves. There’d be no spiritual point.

The terrible reality I described might actually happen on the Old Earth. The New Earth, by contrast, will be something totally different from the dark one, and will be glorious!

Almost all Incarnated Angels think there’s been something terribly wrong with the world for a very long time, and they’re right. There have been constant wars, unnecessary and reckless pollution, horrible poverty and starvation in certain parts of the world, and plenty of corruption in government and corporations. And the list goes on.

My intuition, and the good Angels that I work with are currently reassuring  me that The New Earth, that any who choose God will move into, will not be corrupt, but instead, will be spiritually uplifting and have lots of “clean” energy. n many ways, The New Earth will be far better and lighter  than anything humans or Incarnated Angels have ever experienced on planet Earth to date.

Does this sound crazy? I, myself, am not 100% sure whether it’s true or not. It seems too good to be true! Even though I work with glorious Angels, and experience incredible and miraculous things inside of the Angel Readings that I have been doing for the past 24 years, it’s still hard to believe that things will change in such an amazing, supernatural way. Nevertheless, I feel that this topic is one that all truly spiritual people should consider and look into.

With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible”.  -Matthew 19:26

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

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