Dark Side Attack

What is a Dark-Side Attack?


Today I’m going to begin a 3-part discussion about the Dark Side and Dark-Side Attacks.

In my capacity as Angel-Reader and Spiritual Counselor, I often get calls from people who are under spiritual attack. Although their descriptions vary, there is a common line that one can detect when paying attention. Some of the specifics I hear about involve several things in their lives going suddenly and radically askew. Examples can include:

  • losing jobs
  • having an unusually difficult problem getting hired for a new job
  • suddenly being turned against by friends and family
  • health problems
  • financial problems
  • poltergeist activities in the house, and many others…  

Dark Side attacks can seem as if they happened naturally, and some problems do happen naturally; but sometimes, when a large number of problems get thrown at a person all at once, or in rapid sequence, that person may be under a dark side attack. In addition to ordinary things going awry, sometimes the dark-side attacks are obviously metaphysical in nature. Clients sometimes describe very weird situations, such as strange markings appearing on their walls, or on their bodies, and other poltergeist experiences like objects inexplicably appearing and disappearing in their homes. 

While, of course, everyone can experience streaks of “bad luck” that are not literally caused by the “Dark-Side”, there are times when the series of events associated with the person’s problems are not random, and in fact, are caused by the Dark Side. In such cases, those people may actually be under a Dark-Side attack.  

What is the Dark-Side?

In the modern day, many people are not aware that the “Dark-Side” even exists, and they do not necessarily understand the meaning behind the words, “dark side”, so I’m going to start with an explanation of what is truly meant by those words.

To understand the “Dark-Side”, you need to understand the origin of Angels and human-kind. As I wrote about in another blog-post, in the beginning, All was God.  Later, God created Angels. Eons passed.  Eventually, humans were created, and after the Angels discovered how much God loved the humans and that He intended to give them the ability, (through devotion to God and one-pointed, God-centered meditation), to achieve higher states of consciousness which would allow them to potentially become Angel-like, some of the Angels got jealous, created a division among Angels, and started a War in Heaven.  

The War I referred to above had many battles and skirmishes, and eventually the Angels that chose the side of the rebel group were kicked out of Heaven, and became what we now call Demons. Those demons, unfortunately very powerful and knowing, know how to create darkside minions, and have created millions of them.

Altogether, the dark side demons and their minions form the Dark-Side. And these Beings, through the ages, continue the Cosmic War against God. Their agenda is to continually go after God’s children – the humans, particularly those who are in some way, deeply connected with the Good Angels and God’s Light.

Who does the Dark Side target?

All people are subject to attacks and problems created by the Dark-Side.  Much of the pain and suffering each and all of us go through in our lives are created by the Dark-Side, and that’s what each of us needs to learn how to deal with in our sojourns through life.  

DarkSideTarget-AngelReadingsbyZARAYet, these normal kinds of problems that we all deal with on a routine basis are not the kinds of issues I’m highlighting herein.  What I’m referring to in this blog post is something far more disturbing that is directed to specific individuals that can cause their lives to be extremely difficult to the point of becoming unmanageable.

When a Dark-Side Attack is going on in your life, it’s difficult not to notice it.  In fact, it can seem like a streak of bad luck, but the person attacked tends to get suspicious when the streak of bad luck continues far longer than could be written off as a mere coincidence.  

This brings up two questions.

  1. What do you do about a Dark-Side attack when it happens to you?
  2. How can you avoid Dark-Side attacks?

These are the questions that will be dealt with in Part 2 in my next blog post.


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