Protection From the Dark Side

How Can You Protect Yourself From Dark Side Attacks?

AttackedByDarkSide-AngelReadingsbyZARAThis is a continuation of a 3-part discussion about the Dark Side and Dark-Sike Attacks, my previous article was: “What is a Dark-Side Attack?”

When a Dark-Side Attack is going on in your life, it’s difficult not to notice it. In fact, it can seem like a streak of bad luck.

But the person being attacked tends to get suspicious when the streak of bad luck continues far longer than could be written off as a mere coincidence.

This brings up two questions.

  1. What do you do about a Dark-Side attack when it happens to you?
  2. How can you protect yourself from future Dark-Side attacks?

In relation to the first question, finding an exceptionally adept Spiritual Counselor, or a very skilled Shaman can help. In fact, this relates to much of the work that I do in my Angel Reading/Counseling sessions. I do many things in such cases including working  in very specific ways that I have designed in order to clear negative programs from the client’s past lives, the past in this life, the present in, the future in this life, and I clear the programs from the future lives of the individuals as well. I also clear out negative entities, (the fallen angels’ minions), and invite the Good Angels of God into the person’s home and into their lives.

There are many other steps involved, and the above is only part of what I do. Other Shamans may have other methods of working to relieve the attacked persons of negative programming. In my view, these methods will only work if the heart of the Shaman or the Spiritual Counselor is pure, and if they truly want to help the person. Besides this, as I stated earlier, they must be highly skilled, and possess the capacity to have the spiritual strength to perform such feats.

How can you protect yourself from future Dark-Side attacks?

ProtectionromDarkSide-AngelReadingsbyZARAOf course, one can always try to get rid of Dark-Side spiritual attacks on their own. Sometimes, through prayer and changing direction by doing something different or bringing more purity into their lives, they can succeed. The problem with this is that it can feel unsupported. We humans like to work together in order to feel the love and care of others. This is normal for us, and sometimes we really do need help.

In relation to the second question…

We can side-step attacks, but we cannot stop Dark-Side attacks altogether. This is what I teach people inside the Angel Readings/Spiritual Counseling I do. The best way to side-step a Dark-Side attack is to recognize that dark side attacks can and do happen, and to be on the look-out for any clues that it could be happening to you. When you’re able to detect a Dark-Side attack very quickly, you can circumvent their traps. The Dark-Side can send attacks, but they can’t make them stick without our unwitting cooperation.

Understanding how the Dark-Side works is very helpful in protecting yourself…

If, for instance, you notice that something quite uncanny is happening to you that seems “off” and potentially dangerous or harmful, it’s important not to take the bait. The Dark-Side always tries to get you involved in your own attack, because the attack will not gain momentum unless you lend your energy to it.

To bring in examples to help you understand what I mean, if a potential kidnapper wants to steal a child, they may offer the child candy first and entice the child to get into their car in order to receive it. We all teach our children not to do that, so everyone knows what I mean by bait.

In the 3rd and final part of this series I’ll discuss how the Dark-Side uses us to accomplish their attacks.

Let the Angels help you begin to heal…Schedule your private session with me, and we can work together, with the Angels, to clear any issues you might have, and develop your plan to do the work you were sent here to do.


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