Avoid Dark Side Attacks

How the Dark-Side Uses Us and How to Avoid Their Attacks

DarkSideUsesUsOurCuriosuty-AngelReadingsByZARAThis is a continuation of a 3-part discussion about the Dark Side and Dark-Side Attacks. My previous 2 articles were: “What is a Dark-Side Attack?” and “How Can You Protect Yourself From Dark Side Attacks?”

The Dark-Side uses our curiosity, and our negative qualities, such as greed, foolishness, and ignorance, against us.

Besides using our negative qualities against us, they use our positive qualities as well. For instance, if someone truly goes towards the Light and God more than they ever have before, the Dark-Side will know about it and feel very threatened. Because they feel threatened, they may go after that person like they never have before in that individual’s life. In other words, as soon as one clearly advances on or towards the side of Light, the Dark-Side may take special notice, and decide to discourage that person by scaring them, or attacking them so much that the attacked person decides they simply cannot persevere in their good efforts.

I have experienced Dark Side attacks…

I underwent such an attack once. I discovered that I was attacked because I was helping so many people through the Angel Readings I do, and the Dark-Side wanted to discourage me from continuing with my work. Everything in my life seemed disrupted at the time. I had no friends except one. Almost all my family had turned away from me. In many ways, my future looked precarious at best. Even my dreams were disrupted…no rest – even during “sleep”. This was extremely disrupting and disturbing.

DarkSideDemons-AngelREadingsByZARAAt that time, even during sleep, I didn’t get a break from the attacks. Battling literal demons, not only during the day, but also during sleep made it impossible to recuperate. While I have the strength and ability to help other people and clear them, I also definitely needed rest and recuperation in order to persevere in the important work I do. At the time I’m talking about, the Dark-Side managed to strip that from me, so that all I could do was my best without the benefit of rest.

I knew the Dark-Side wanted to manipulate me into ceasing from my work. Clearly, they wanted me to retire from doing Angel Readings. Knowing that, and without knowing with any certainty that the attacks would ever stop, I looked up, and told the Darkside ones who were attacking me that no matter what, I would continue my work. Nothing would stop me.

It knew it was vital that I continue helping people in the way I’m uniquely qualified to do, and that regardless of anything the Darkside did to discourage me, it wouldn’t work, and I would persevere.

Amazingly, after I stated my clear determination, the attacks immediately waned, and my life became much more manageable.

In terms of side-stepping negative attacks, I’ve had many experiences with this as well.

Once, a man in his 60’s started talking to me in the produce section of my local market. Although he would have seemed completely normal to most people, I knew he was a shape-shifter, one of the Dark-Side’s minions, sent to confuse and attempt to foil me.

It seemed obvious from a normal, every-day standpoint that as he talked to me, I should answer him in return. I did this, but inwardly I thought, “This is a trap, and this guy is Dark-Side.”  I looked at him and could clearly see he was a shapeshifter – not even human – sent by the Dark-Side to get me into a conversation, and then somehow cause damage.

I spoke with the man, but I kept it at a bare minimum, and stayed alert. I realized that I would be safe as long as I remained objective and did not allow myself in any way to get emotionally involved. He said a few odd things to me, including telling me that he loves parsley so much, he loves to bury his head in a bunch of parsley and eat the whole thing. I walked away from that one. That remark was so silly, it didn’t even deserve a response.

GarlicFightsDarkSide-AngelReadingsByZARAMy real thoughts, however, were that he was doing a poor job of appearing human. What normal human would say that? It seemed completely “off”. Then I headed to the garlic section and started to pick some up to put in my basket.

The man immediately followed me over to that section and then tried to discourage me from buying any. The whole thing seemed completely weird. Why not buy garlic? Trying to talk me out of a purchase when I’m shopping in the local store? How bizarre!

I kept thinking about the fact that all the vampire movies have made people cognizant of the fact that vampires, and other Dark-Side entities, do not like garlic, and are repelled by it. As the man tried to discourage me from buying any, he asked me how I deal with garlic breath after eating it. At that point, seeing through this shape-shifter completely, I merely said, “I don’t!” In other words, my indication was that I never give a thought about garlic-breath, and the entire subject was too inane to discuss, or consider.

In fact, the entire scenario was in some measure helpful to me, because it made me realize that garlic is much more effective at repelling the Dark-Side than I had previously thought.

How can you side-step a Dark-Side attack?

FightTheDarkSide-AngelReadingsByZARAI shared the above two experiences in order to illustrate how you can also side-step Dark-Side attacks, if you are aware they are happening…

  • First, notice that it is happening
  • Second, do not allow yourself to take the bait.

In each of those situations, the Dark-Side attacks were stopped.

After the first incident – the dream incident described in the first part of my article, the Dark-Side ceased tormenting me in dreams, and my sleep returned to normal. In the second example, the man in the produce section simply disappeared. I’m not kidding you. He did!

As soon as I said the words, “I don’t”, and turned my head and walked away, he disappeared. I do not know whether he walked away or dissolved to nothingness, but when I turned around to see where he was, he was gone. I actually looked through the store to see where he was, but I couldn’t find him. He was gone! And even though I live in a small community where I frequently see the same people repeatedly, I never saw him again.

 From one of my clients who experienced a dark side attack…

For the past 21 yrs. I have lived in constant fear, anxiety and attack after attack from the dark side. Every second that went by I was consumed in absolute terror. Life was unbearable!!! I struggled each and every day, holding on by a thread to make it through. I searched and searched everywhere (I mean everywhere) for help, not finding any answers. Then I found an angel named ZARA. It was literally as if someone turned the darkness off and the lights on. Wow!!! She was able to tell me exactly who I am and answer all of my questions through her angel readings and clearings. I know deep down in my heart that I was led to her. She is the answer to my prayers. I can finally breath once again, and for those of you that suffer from extreme panic, depression, and anxiety know exactly what I am talking about. She has taught me how to get in touch with the Angels and my higher self. I have never met anyone ZARA is truly genuine, and I recommend her to everyone. God bless you blessed Angel ZARA!”  Love Penny Truman

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