Akashic Records Clearing Negativity

Can Negative Karma Be Cleared From The Akashic Records?

In my last article I discussed The Importance of the Akashic Records.

AkashicRecordsClearNegativity-AngelReadibngsByZARAToday we’ll discuss the obvious next question: Can negative karma really be cleared from the Akashic Records, as well as can and how does that help?

The answer is:  Yes! A great deal of negativity can be cleared from the Akashic Records and in fact, some of the karma can be cleared also.

This is how it works:

People come to me because the angels lead them to me…They either see my picture, or read something about me, or hear about me from a friend, or a combination of the above, and then something tells them they need to come to me.

People are ready for a clearing…

People that contact me have a feeling of faith, and something tells them that talking to me and listening to me is going to help them, and they pay attention and call me. The reason they have the faith to call me, and actually follow through, is precisely because they are ready for the clearing.  They are ready for the help.

ChangeYourLife-AngelReadingsBy ZARAThat means, they may be ready to listen in ways they have never listened before, and change their lives in ways they perhaps had never considered…

They may do things like breathing pink and sending it to others, or giving up eating sugar, absolutely, completely, in total.

Or, they may open their minds to realizing what people around them are really saying, and hearing them in new ways they weren’t able to understand them before.

Or, they may read the symbols in architecture, movies and business logos and advertisements in ways they never thought of before, and learn to apply this new found understanding in their lives with profound significance.

In short, I teach them to essentially do one thing differently that profoundly helps them to improve their lives. This, coupled with the energy clearing I do brings about huge changes for the better in people’s lives.

Why and how is some of their karma able to be cleared?

KarmaEndlessKnot-AngelReadingsByZARAIf  people are not prepared for and open to change, they usually do not contact me in the first place. Because they do contact me is directly linked to the fact that they are somewhat humbled and are ready to make changes in their life.

Whatever it is that prepares someone to accept the help I offer is the same thing within them that helps to figuratively loosen the karma in order for it to be cleared away.  This phenomenon reminds me of the game called “Monopoly” in which you can draw a card that says “Pass Go, Get out of Jail free”.

Similarly, when you have already learned a lesson in life, you do not need to keep the old karma you’d previously accumulated, and suffer from past mistakes… You do not need to continue to be punished from past mistakes and for lessons you’ve already learned.

Of course, for anyone who has not or is not willing to learn their lessons, karma still goes on regardless of the amount of clearing I can do, but when someone has already learned to acknowledge their mistakes and is willing to improve their patterns in terms of kindness, understanding and love, there is no need for them to continue to go through old karma. Instead, they can speed up the process. The angels and I can clear the karmic programs and coach people into more loving, practical and pragmatic patterning behaviors that help live a happier, meaningful and joyful life.



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