Why Go To Psychics

Why Do People Go To Psychics?

PsychicGuidance-AngelReadingsByZARAThroughout time, people have sought out readers, mediums and psychics to get answers about their most important concerns. Every person on this earth needs guidance at times. They reach crossroads in their lives and want to find out:

  • What the angels and guides think about their situations
  • What choices they need to make for their own well-being
  • What the angels say will happen in regards to the choices they make

People from every profession and every walk of life go to psychics. When I do Psychic Readings, and the person’s job is mentioned, it is commonplace for them to be of a profession that is highly regarded such as college professors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, executive business people, as well as other types of professions, such as florists, clerks, gardeners, landscape artists, caretakers, etc. The principle common demoninator of those who go to psychics is that they are people, they have questions they need answers for, and they want to discuss their situations with someone they know will listen to them, and can offer them a type of insight they won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Psychics are non-judgemental…

PsychicReadings-AngelReadinsByZARAI’ve been doing professional psychic readings for many years, and in that amount of time, clients have given me many reasons as to why they go to psychics. Principally among the reasons I’ve heard is that they want to speak to someone who is not judgmental, and whom they feel will give them true answers for their questions.

Things clients have on their minds when they start their readings can be anything from, “Is he cheating on me?” to “Should I take the new job that was offered to me?” or simply… “I just want a Psychic Reading and I don’t have any questions.”

Many tell me they prefer going to psychics more than or in addition to traditional counselors because they feel that psychics can give them additional information. While traditional counselors may be somewhat limited as to how to guide the client, psychics are less restricted. In fact, psychics are often able to answer questions that traditional counselors do not know the answer to, and psychics are often able to answer their questions very directly – without mincing words.

Of course, traditional counselors are important as well, and it is amazing to me how many of my clients are themselves professional counselors and clinicians, and yet see the value of coming to me or to other intuitives for regular psychic readings. (I consider this quite a compliment.)  They do this because, as they tell me, they want help, and they feel they get good answers and guidance from psychics. Even people who are themselves psychics go to other psychics for guidance, clarity and self-assurance.

Where do Psychics get their information?

Psychics get their information from the other side. They tune into another dimension—one that is fascinating and that nearly everyone wants to know about–from a dimension that is not seen.

HelpFromGuides-AngelReadingsByZARAOf course, those who seek out psychics are people, and people have problems. When they go to friends and family for guidance, often, the opinions they get are incomplete and seem wrong. Unfortunately, most people are not qualified to give good insightful guidance from the angels because they’re not tuned in. Every person on earth is from Source, but most are completely out of touch with their true origin. Psychics, on the other hand, are tuned in. Each psychic uses different tools to allow them to tune in and get direct answers from angels and guides. They may use tarot cards, numerology, astrology, runes, and/or their clairvoyant skills. When they do their readings, they tune in with guides and angels and allow the guides and angels to speak through them.

Some psychics call in spirits and guides to aid them in their work. Personally, I work with Archangel Michael. With either type of skilled psychic, within a reading, clients get a pleasant journey into the unknown, and thus get guidance and answers to their questions.

An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApnghelp you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

If you would like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or for guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752

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