Understanding Angels

Understanding the Angels…

 How and Why They Help Us

GodsChildren2-AngelReadingsbyZARAThe Good Angels care about us, because we’re God’s children, and they come into our lives and help us when we love and respect them, and when we ask.

The Good Angels of God help us primarily because we need to be helped. Since the Good Angels are God’s servants, they truly want to please God. Not only that, they understand the importance of God’s divine plan.

In fact, the earth and the humans are very important to God. What we humans tend not to realize is that there is much more to humanity than we give ourselves credit for. God and the Good Angels want to bring the good in us out, and they also want to help us create the peaceful planet we’re really supposed to have here on planet Earth.

But exactly what are Angels?  The Angels were God’s first creation.  In the beginning, there was nothing but God, and God essence alone was all that existed.  Eventually, God decided to create the Beings we call Angels.

The Angels were very God-like

MagnificentAngels-AngelReadingsbyZARATruly magnificent, they possessed all knowledge and were incredibly wise.  They could also fly, and even had the ability to be in more than one place at once. Amazingly, they could materialize or de-materialize at will, and could make themselves small or large in size. They were also telepathic, they possessed divine wisdom, and were amazingly powerful; so much so, that they were very impressive. And this is the way they still are. Good Angels are God’s messengers, and they love doing their job.

For a very long time, Angels were God’s only creation, but eventually, God created humans…After that, everything changed.

Just as a small child can be upset and jealous when their parents’ bring a new baby into the home, at least one of the Angels was intensely jealous. To make matters worse, that Fallen Angel then pandered to other Angels in order to recruit others to be as mad and angry as he was.

After managing to corrupt a staggering one-third of the Angels, he then became the leader of an uprising in a heavenly realm. Sadly, and somewhat unbelievably,  he was able to recruit one third of the Angels, and those became what we now call the Fallen Angels.

Eventually, there arose a War in Heaven in which the Fallen Angels, who had created weapons of war, fought against the Good Angels who were loyal to God. Eventually, the Fallen Angels were defeated, and were kicked out of Heaven.

Since God still loved them and wanted to give them multiple chances to repent, they were not destroyed. Some did repent, but the ones who didn’t repent became became more and more resolved to damage humankind.

This is the reason the humans need Good Angelic help. Most people, unaware that the dark side has a strong vendetta against humanity, and that many of the bad things that occur are dark side attacks, do not understand that the dark side wields powers and principalities against humanity.

Since, in millions of people’s lives, these dark side attacks are happening, we need the Good Angels to help us, and fortunately for us, they do protect us when we ask. In fact, they sometimes even help us when we don’t ask, but the surest way to receive Angelic help is to ask.

Angels are powerful, metaphysical Beings

They possess a great ability to help us in many ways that most people are not aware of. They can intervene in problems and situations that are happening in your life, and even in moments of extreme danger, they can come to rescue you immediately.

AngelRescue-AngelReadingsbyZARAAn example of that in my life came at a moment when a pickup truck, that had been hit by a bus, came careening into my van while three of my children and I helplessly watched. There was no time to move, yet the whole thing seemed to happen in slow motion.

As the pickup truck moved in our direction, it was as though we were watching a movie in slow motion.  The one thing I had time to do was to ask Archangel Michael for help.  While the truck still hit my van, there was absolutely no damage to my van, and much more importantly, no one was hurt. My children and I were fine, and the driver of the truck was unscathed as well.

Afterwards, thanking Archangel Michael for coming through for me, I marveled at the fact that he had responded so fast. By rescuing all of us so quickly, he had demonstrated, once again, how speedily God and the Angels can come in to help.

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