Incarnated Angels on Earth

What Difficulties Do Incarnated Angels Face on Earth?

Incarnate Angels on Earth - ZARAIn our last article we talked about the purpose of Incarnated Angels on the Earth. In this article we’ll discuss the idea that Incarnated Angels Volunteered to come to earth and enter the “Trenches”…

At this point, you may realize that being an Incarnated Angel is not a “walk in the park”. Being an Incarnated Angel on earth is like being a soldier in the trenches.  If you think you may be an Incarnated Angel, keep in mind that you volunteered to come here, and when you did, you knew in advance you were going into the “trenches”. You knew this was a war zone and that in being here, you would be smack in the middle of the war between the Dark and the Light that’s been waging for thousands of years, and this would interfere with your fun.

Remember, the reason Incarnated Angels came here in the first place is because they were asked to come and help. Before coming, they knew they would be entering the trenches. Coming to this earth as human was a sacrifice that Incarnated Angels chose to make in service to God and Goodness.

Still, as Incarnated Angels in the world as humans, it’s easy to forget what we are here for. And then, because of the hardships we face, after a while, we often get depressed and have a hard time even being here. Since we don’t remember we volunteered to come and help, and yet we are very aware that we don’t fit in here in this world which sometimes seems like a terrible place.

Angel Blessings - ZARASome Incarnated Angels often daydream about “leaving the earth and going back home”, meaning, at least to some degree, they’re anxious to die. Falsely interpreting this as a spiritual attitude, they sometimes miss their opportunities to help humanity by selfishly focusing on themselves instead of on their mission. This does not mean that they die sooner than they would have otherwise, it just means they get caught up with moping instead of praying, planning and getting into action to play a significant role in guiding and helping individuals on this planet.

When Incarnated Angels make this mistake, (which is common for Incarnated Angels), they do not realize they are being selfish. At these moments, they often imagine they are being highly spiritual and showing wisdom. But the truth is, when they focus on looking forward to death, they waste opportunities to positively influence humanity, and they’re being negative and selfish instead. In most cases, looking forward to death is not spiritual.

True Incarnated Angels need to remember they volunteered to come to earth, and it’s important to show a good attitude while here. No one forced them to be here, and Incarnated Angels did not come to “evolve” in any way.  Instead, they came out of love and devotion to God, and a willingness to serve.  And when Incarnated Angels, as well as other people, get active and do their parts in service, they feel happiness and joy.

As they become more involved in doing their purpose on earth, they like themselves more, love their lives here on earth and feel joy. This is because a good positive attitude is what it takes to get into the flow of doing one’s spiritual purpose, and being in the flow of God feels wonderful–like flowing with the current of life rather than against it.

Altogether, Incarnated Angels and other angelic people, (humans who are devoted to Goodness and God), can make a difference in making this world a better place, and this is what the Good Angels and I want to encourage.

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