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Recognizing Your Guardian Angel

YourGuardianAngel-AngelReadingsByZARAGuardian Angels are Real!

Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel assigned to them when they are born, and that means you’ve had a Guardian Angel your entire life. Some traditions teach that people have two or more Guardian Angels forever close to them. So, you may have two or more Guardian Angels guiding and protecting you every day of your life.

So exactly who and what are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are very powerful, loving Beings assigned by God to protect and guide each one of us. This means that more than you realize, your Guardian Angels have been close to you, and have always done their best to guide and protect you when you could have otherwise been harmed.

People have known of Guardian Angels since time immemorial, and many religious traditions acknowledge their reality and honor their presence. For instance…

In Matthew 18:10, it says:

See that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.” which is often taken to mean that children are protected by Guardian Angels.

MinisteringSpirits-AngelReadingsByZARAThis is corroborated in Hebrews 1:14 referring to angels:

Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

And in Psalms 91:11, it says:

For he will command his angels to protect you in all your ways.”

How do you know your Guardian Angel is with you?

Sometimes they will show you they’re with you through flashes of light. Little sparkles that you may see from the corner of your eye that blink very quickly and then seem to disappear can actually alert you to the fact that your Guardian Angel is near.

Some people actually see their Guardian Angel.

One woman I know was feeling very distraught because her beloved father was dying, and when she went to bed that night, she felt someone sitting on her bed. Feeling a presence, she looked and saw a beautiful angel actually sitting at the foot of her bed.

This was completely surprising because the woman didn’t believe in angels, and in fact, had never even considered their presence or thought they could be real. But after that direct experience, she KNEW that Angels are real.

That amazing angelic visitation permanently changed her mind about believing in Guardian Angels. The visit helped her to emotionally deal with her father’s passing, and it helped her realize that Angels are real, and that she can count on them to help protect her, comfort her, and keep her safe. After that, she came to me for private Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling to help her understand what had happened, and to learn more about Angels and how to get even closer to her Guardian Angel.

How do your Guardian Angels protect you?

ProtectedByGuardianAngels-AngelReadingsByZARAEven though you may not be aware of it, your Guardian Angels have kept you from harm many times. There have probably been many occasions when you could have been hurt, but you weren’t, or you could even have gotten the kind of help from your Guardian Angels that actually saved your life.

Some miracles that have already happened in your life may be things you never even noticed. Just as parents protect small children from harm the children are unaware of, so you could well have been protected from fiascoes that never had the opportunity to occur. If you spend time thinking about things that could have gone wrong before, but didn’t, you will recognize what I’m talking about. And then…as you’re thinking about it, you may wish to thank your Guardian Angels that things turned out as well as they did.

The evidence I have in saying that even when people do not ask, they get protection comes from countless stories I have heard and read about from people who have found themselves in dangerous situations and have suddenly experienced a miraculous event in which they knew they’d been helped by a Guardian Angel.

A classic example of this is a pedestrian crossing a busy street, who, while never having given thought to the possibility that angels are real, suddenly, tangibly, feels a hand on their shoulder, the presence of which helps them narrowly escape being hit by a bus. Then of course, the pedestrian looks around and realizes there’s no one there, yet he definitely felt the hand on his shoulder and knows that he was just protected by his Guardian Angel. Though he never consciously asked for protection, his Guardian Angel was there.

I’ll talk more about Guardian Angels in my next article when I discuss How Your Guardian Angel Protects You.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

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