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Where Do the Messages in My Angel Readings Come From?

AngelReadingMesssage-ZARAMy work is distinct, involving my natural, innate psychic ability, plus added ability that came as the result of 30+ years of deep meditation-practice.

Within my Angel Readings, the primary tools I use are the pendulum and specific charts, and my clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities through which I directly receive messages from the Angels for people who come to me for Psychic Angel Readings.

It’s important to know where your messages come from…

In other words, in my professional capacity as Angel Reader, I offer Psychic Readings, the messages of which come directly from the Angels, particularly Archangel Michael.  Some Psychics say their readings come from “Spirit”, or “the spirits”, or from a particular entity that they name, or they make no claim and have no idea where their messages come from, etc.  My work is inspired and led by Archangel Michael.  This is an important distinction, because, psychic readings when performed by a medium, always come from somewhere, and knowing where those messages are from can indicate the level of value, or lack of value, in your life.  Truly coming from Archangel Michael, as they are in my Angel Readings, means that the value of the messages that come forth are truly of value in your life.

Your life can improve after your Angel Reading

Messagesfromtheangels-ZARA-OceanShores-WAAfter sixteen years of performing Angel Readings for thousands of clients, I can definitely vouch for the value of the messages Archangel Michael brings through my mediumship.  I say this primarily because I get very good feedback for the work I do. I have ongoing relationships with many of the people who come to me for readings. Clients come to me repeatedly because they get good results from both the “energy clearing”  and also get good results from following angelic suggestions about their lives. They report that many negative situations from their lives clear up, and/or they feel happier and lighter than before.

Zara has been a great spiritual healer. Bringing comfort in times of extreme stress with her work and by lending a friendly ear.
She has shed light into family and personal matters which were clouded by negativity.
Her blessings, clearings and positive affirmations have brought me to a higher lever of understanding. With her teachings, I’ve been able to learn how to respond when confronted by psychic attacks and how to deal with difficult, dark personalities (including dark entities).
After a session with her, my living space has shown a noticeable improvement; and although we have a vast geographical distance between us, she has been able to clear my home of negativity particularly in rooms where the atmosphere felt dense and stagnant. The atmosphere is now clear, calm, quiet and conducive to persevering my goals and objectives.
It is amazing how feelings of being bogged down have been replaced with clarity and a sense of peace, hope and confidence
Her perception of negativity is keen and has been a great asset to my peace of mind and development. She is a blessing. With her help, I am transcending in order to continue on my next stage in life.”  –

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