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Do You Believe In Angelic Healing Miracles?

AngelsHealingMiracle-AngelReadingsByZARAMiracles of healing do happen, the Angels and God want to help you, but the first step is yours…you must have and show your faith.

Let me share two stories that show the power of faith…

An Architect named Tom once told me about a miracle he experienced from an angel encounter:

He said that once, while inspecting the work being done on the roof of a building he designed, a staple gun in the hands of a roofer accidentally shot a staple hitting Tom in the eye.

After being examined by a doctor, the decision was made that Tom needed eye surgery to repair the damage in his eye. Upon hearing this news, Tom prayed to God and the angels for help. Then, just before the final preparations were made for the needed surgery, the doctor checked Tom’s eye once more.

Stunned, but nevertheless faced with the irrefutable evidence that Tom’s eye was completely healed, the doctor called off the surgery. Delighted and thankful, Tom said a prayer of thankfulness to God and the angels… From then on, his eye remained healed.

Another Miracle of Healing…

Then there was the case of ten month old Steven. His much older sister had just filled a humidifier with hot water, not realizing she was setting up a dangerous situation for her little brother.

She didn’t understand that although the top was closed, hot water could still be poured out merely by tipping the humidifier. It wasn’t long before Steven crawled over to the humidifier and spilled hot water over the toes of his left foot.

His cries startled his mother, Lynn, and she ran to see what had happened. All of this had happened so quickly that Lynn had no way to stop the accident from occurring. Seeing the severity of the wound, she called 911. Five minutes later the medics arrived. After assessing the problem, they told Lynn to take Steven to the local burn center immediately.

Noting that Lynn was a deeply concerned and obviously a good and loving mother, the medics didn’t want her to blame herself unnecessarily, they assured her that accidents like this are common, and that she shouldn’t blame herself. Nevertheless, she needed to take Steven to the local burn center right away.

Once at the center, the doctor told Lynn that she not only would need to admit Steven  to the hospital, but, since the wound looked like it might be a third degree burn and may not heal on its own, he would probably eventually need a skin graft – surgically taking skin from his buttocks and grafting it onto his foot.

Seeking a Miracle of Healing

PrayForMiracles-AngelReadingsbyZARALynn was willing to do whatever was necessary to help Steven heal, but because of the emotional impact he would feel upon being separated from her, she was concerned about leaving him in the hospital.  So, while the doctor was out of the room making arrangements for Steven’s admittance, she prayed to God and the angels  for a miracle of healing.

Upon the doctor’s return, she asked the doctor if Steven could possibly be treated at home. After discussion, he consented and agreed, stipulating that Steven would have to be brought to the hospital every day, and his wound would also need to be treated at home according to detailed instructions he would give her.

This in itself was a miracle, because prior to this, the doctor did not seem to be open to the option of allowing Steven to be an out-patient. The doctor, now allowing this option, helped to spare Steven the secondary trauma of separation anxiety.

That night after returning home and after Steven fell asleep, Lynn still had to deal with the fact that she felt horribly guilty that the accident had taken place. Unable to sleep, at an odd hour of the morning, she turned on the television, (not her usual custom), and happened to see Wayne Dyer on a talk show speaking about inner conflicts that thwart inner peace and how to get your inner peace back.

What she heard from Wayne Dyer that night was tremendously helpful and healing to Lynn’s emotions, and soon she relaxed, feeling that her prayers would be answered.

In this relaxed state she  heard a message from an angel saying…

Everything will be all right.  Your son will be totally healed.”

At home, Lynn treated his wound exactly as specified by the doctor, and she drove little Steven to the hospital every day for the required treatment from the burn center.

The accident occurred on September 15th and the prognosis given by the doctor for possible healing was around the end of November. But then, amazingly, on October 31st the doctor checked Steven’s foot and pronounced that his foot was totally healed, and that he definitely would not need to have a skin graft.

In fact, he said that Steven needed no further medical follow up, but he did instruct Lynn to massage his toes with cream to stretch the skin each day so that his toes would continue to heal straight and avoid the need of having special shoes in the future. This she did every day without fail, and Steven’s toes on his left foot continued to grow straight, just like the toes of his right foot, and he never needed special shoes.

Today, many years later, both of his feet are completely normal and has always worn normal shoes.

The miracle of this true story involves three separate aspects:

  1. The doctor allowed Steven to be treated as an out-patient.
  2. The Wayne Dyer interview just happened to be on television at the time when Lynn needed emotional reassurance, and unlike her usual custom of avoiding television, she just happened to turn it on at that time.
  3. Steven’s wound healed  a month before the timetable previously projected, and his foot totally healed without the need for a skin graft.

HealingAngels-AngelReadingsByZARALynn’s prayer to God and the angels was answered in a variety of ways, and both Steven and Lynn were able to heal:  Lynn, emotionally, and Steven both emotionally and physically.

The conclusion you can draw from both of these stories, one concerning Tom and his instantaneous eye-healing, and the other concerning Steven and Lynn’s angelic assistance in time of need, is that when you pray to God and the angels for assistance, they will be there to help you.

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