Spiritual Shifts

Why People Are Experiencing a Spiritual Shift

TheAgeOfAquarius-AngelReadingsByZARAA good percentage of people are currently experiencing a spiritual shift. The reason for this shift is largely because we are now moving into the Age of Aquarius, and the energy on the planet is becoming very different from the way it was before.

The Astrological Age…

An astrological age lasts around 2,160 years, so the fact that we’re moving from one age to another in our lifetime is extremely momentous.

The Age that we’re leaving is the Age of Pisces, and, as I stated above, we’re now entering the Age of Aquarius. Pisces is a mutable water sign, and Aquarius is a fixed air sign.

While astrologers differ as to when the Age of Aquarius actually begins, I believe the date of the actual beginning of the Age of Aquarius was actually March 21, 2016, which, if true, means that we’re already in it.

Regardless of the exact date, astrologers agree that we’re either in the Age of Aquarius now, or we’re on the cusp. Either way, the shift of which I speak is affecting all of humanity in the entire world.

As I said above, shifting from one Age to another brings about massive changes, and we are now in that shift.

To me, the shift we are experiencing is primarily spiritual.

Here are some of the remarkable shifts that large numbers of people all over the world are currently experiencing:

  1. SpiritualShift-AngelReadingsByZARApngTime seems to be speeding up at an alarming rate.

    1. People all over the world are reporting that time seems to be speeding up. To many people, this speeding up of time seems completely weird and unnatural. They say it seems as if they get up in the morning, and then, before they know it, the day is over and it’s time for bed. They also report that many projects that they do that should take, for example, about an hour, now apparently takes 3 to 4 hours! They do the project, (such as cooking or mowing the lawn), feel as though it’s been about an hour, and then look at the clock and are astounded to discover that 3 or 4 hours have passed. They then, typically, feel frustrated because time is going so very fast, it seems they can’t get everything done!
  1. Secrets that have been kept from the common man and woman are being revealed.

    1. We are living in a time of a great revealing. Information that has been kept from people for thousands of years, is now findable and accessible both on the Internet, in books, as well as from other sources.  If you are willing to search for true information, you can now find it relatively easily. Many are not looking, but for those who are interested, (such as myself), thankfully, the information is now available.
  1. People’s intuition is being increased and amplified.

    1. Just about every person on earth has far more intuitive abilities than they give themselves credit for. At this time, people who did not consider themselves psychic now experience seeing angels, seeing orbs, having precognitive dreams, and finding themselves far more interested in the spiritual than they ever were before.
  1. People are learning to reassess their concept of reality.

    1. Since time is apparently speeding up, and many of the things people previously believed are changing in front of their eyes, and as so many things they were taught by society and schools are discovered by their research to have been lies, they are learning to reassess and turn to God and the good Angels for guidance.
  1. People are feeling much closer to God than ever before.

    1. Large numbers of people that previously considered themselves either agnostics or atheists, or were simply not interested in whether there God exists or not, are now realizing that God is definitely real, and that they are far more important to God than they would have ever imagined.
  1. ClarityOfValues-AngelReadingsByZARAPeople are reassessing and getting clarity of their value systems, and realizing their relationship with God, their relationship with their own soul, and with the people they love is more important than anything else.

    1. As people are waking up and discovering Truth, they are realizing they have been conditioned to the physical to such a degree that they have been spending their whole lives acquiring physical objects, and valuing the physical more than loving and valuing each other. They are now beginning to realize that this is a mistake. We are here to love God, love our Souls, and love and help each other.
  1. People are feeling love for all of humanity, animals, and the earth.

    1. As people are realizing that Truth and reality are very different from what they previously believed, their hearts are opening to love as never before.
  1. People are finding their soulmates, twin flames, and people in their soul group.

    1. With the vibrations becoming higher than before, people are finding their soulmates, twin flames, and other souls they have been close to in past lives and between lives.
  1. People are finding more meaning in their lives and are feeling more inner peace than ever before.

    1. As people are giving up overzealous material values, turning more to God, and loving and caring for each other, they are finding more inner peace.
  1. People are beginning to realize that they are far more important to God than they had ever guessed.

    1. The energetic shift we are experiencing is bringing people closer to God and is helping them to realize that God truly loves them and is very near.

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