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What Will The New Earth Be Like?

NewEarth-AngelReadingsByZARApngEven though things seem terrible right now, the future for humanity will be awesome. While the futuristic movies that Hollywood has subjected the public to, shows a dark, horrific future in which humans are completely controlled and depressed, the truth of what lies before us is incredibly positive.

The natural rights of humankind will not be suppressed and robbed from people, as those movies show. Rather, humans will be more awake and in touch with the fact that every human is a beautiful, sovereign being, and is not a slave of the state, or of any one at all.

We are moving into a glorious future that everyone is invited to come into, but only those who actually want to, will enter. In fact, the future of which I speak will be wonderful.

Here are some of the things the Angels have shown me we will be moving into…

Life in the New Earth:

  • Abject materialism and people being cruelly competitive with each other will be a thing of the past.
  • People will no longer have to pay just to live. There will be prosperity like no one has ever seen before .
  • Animals will no longer be used for experimentation, vivisection, food, or as slaves to humanity in any way. People who want to  will still have pets.
  • Communication will be more telepathic than it has been before, and understanding and empathy will run throughout humanity from top to bottom.
  • The legal system will be revamped from the hypocritical model that it is now into a system of natural law—truly respectful of each and every human.
  • There will still be sovereign countries.
  • NewEarthFreshFood-AngelReadingsByZARAThere will be no hidden, evil cabals, and everything will be transparent. No more secrets for “national security”. Secrets being kept from the people will no longer be tolerated.
  • People will eat fresh foods from the earth that are not tampered with. Food additives will be completely removed.
  • People will learn how to live in harmony with nature, and they will learn to care for their bodies without the use of chemicals and unnatural substances.
  • Corruption in government will cease to exist, and people will take turns serving humanity through public service. For that service, there will be no salary. Instead, people will take their turns volunteering to serve their country.
  • There will be no professional politicians.
  • People will go back to the land and grow their own food.
  • There will be a new system of exchange, in which there will still be money, but instead of a system designed for lack, it will be a system that lends itself into prosperity for all.
  • Hollywood stars, sports stars, and rock stars will no longer be worshipped. Instead, people will find the love and beauty inherent in themselves and realize there is no need to prop up other humans as more important than themselves.
  • Spirituality  rather than religion will be focused on, and churches will no longer accept monetary donations.
  • Evil, nefarious people will no longer be present. Those who are unrepentant for their wrongdoings will not be allowed to enter into the new earth. This huge change will not be accomplished through human action, but through acts of God.
  • The square homes and other buildings we’re all used to, will gradually be replaced by geometric domes that are conducive to peace within and human health.
  • Electrical energy in our homes will be replaced by magnetic energy.
  • There will be no wars.
  • There will be peace, prosperity and love everywhere.
  • Communities will gather together to sing, dance, and enjoy harmonious music that is based on a frequency that is truly good for the human body and emotions.
  • Communities will join together to discuss ideas on a regular basis, and everyone will have a voice.
  • LiveInHarmony-AngelReadingsByZARAPeople will live in a way that is completely in harmony with the Creator.

This is the wonderful future that we all will go into…

The only exception will be those who are so inured in fear and hate, that they cannot  flow into the peaceful energy of love and Godliness that is being offered them and that is required in order to enter the New Earth. Those who stubbornly stay in the mindset of hate and fear will create exactly what they are afraid of.

I do not care to describe the future of the haters in this article. Instead, I want to highlight the positive that I have already laid out for you.

Remember, all you have to do in order to enter into the future reality I’ve described above, is to relax, seek truth, have faith, and lovingly do your best to wake up others who seem to be lost and filled with fear. If you can wake some  people up, that’s great. If you try to wake someone up, and they remain asleep, that’s okay too. You’ve done your best, so you’ve done your job. Remember:  Everyone has free will.  All you can do is try.

Regardless, you know where you are going in your future— and that will be into a New Earth—a Golden Age.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

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