Incarnated Angel Misconceptions

Dispelling the Misconceptions About Incarnated Angels

IncarnatedAngelMisonceptionsSometimes when people discover that they could be an Incarnated Angel, they feel they need to talk to someone who can help them understand what this means for their lives. But on the other hand, there are misconceptions such as when some people think they are an Incarnated Angel, they erroneously assume this means that they already know everything, and then balk at the idea of getting help.

In fact, the realization that you may be an Incarnated Angel does create an important NEED to talk with someone who can explain what being an Incarnated Angel really means, and how you can apply that understanding in your life. What I teach is that Incarnated Angels have more knowledge within themselves than they realize, and that what they really need to learn is to access the information, and apply it in their lives.

But how can they access this important information?

Unfortunately accessing vital angelic information followed by worthy application in one’s life can be not only extremely time consuming but also very difficult without a guide. This is why it’s important for every Incarnated Angel to have a knowledgeable guide to help with the process of uncovering their innate power, beauty and understanding, so they can live their purpose and develop as much meaning as possible in their lives. Thus, it’s vitally important for Incarnated Angels as well as all very spiritual people and truth seekers to have a highly skillful guide get on the right track for profound self-discovery, and worthy actions.

Possible blocks for realizing the need for a guide can come from ego or lack of trust. In my view, it’s not possible, in this world, to be totally ego-free, so no one actually achieves complete egolessness as long as they are in the human body. They can, however, learn to distinguish between thoughts that are ego centered versus thoughts that are coming from their higher mind. I offer some tips about how to make this distinction in the private sessions that I do. Within private Angel Readings, the Angels and I can help you learn to spiritualize your life, and help to make the distinction between true psychic knowledge and incorrect imaginings.

Limitations while in the body…

In terms of  the concept of egolessness, another important thing to realize is that only when any of us have passed from this world into the next is it possible to completely be without ego. As long as we are still in the body, some ego always remains, and that is okay. In fact, it’s simply important to recognize this truth, so that you may never deceive yourself into imagining that you are totally without ego. The reason this is so is because the body itself is conscious and strongly affects nearly everything we say and do while incarnate on this planet. It is important to love and care for the body while you are here, but merely having a body has its challenges.

OpeningChakras-AngelReadingsByZARAAnother reason it is not possible to fully achieve egolessness while incarnate is because, while in the body, our chakras are adapted to our bodies. This is the way it is supposed to be as long as we are in our bodies. The lowest chakra, the kundalini, as an example, is very tied into the body’s ability to survive. This is completely appropriate and helps generate the desire to stay alive and, for many, to reproduce.

Eventually, when earthly life is over, and the soul leaves the body permanently, the job of the lowest chakra, to keep the soul in the body, comes to an end and the kundalini is released. At that point, due to the detachment of the chakras from the body, the vibration of the soul is automatically lifted to a higher level, and the soul’s consciousness is raised. This is experienced as much greater perspective on one’s recently past life, often accompanied by wisdom and understanding of not only what they did that was wrong, but also what choices they should have made instead.

At that point, since the body is no longer an issue, higher understanding is typically inevitable. This happens when we leave our bodies at the time of our natural passing, and is not entirely applicable if the person’s expiration was self-inflicted.  It is extremely important to realize that the reason any of us are on earth in the first place was because we chose to incarnate for the purpose of spiritual self-advancement, and loving and helping others.

The absolute need for trust…

The other issue I mentioned at the beginning of this article is lack of trust. My thought on this topic is that it truly is very important to be careful of whom you give your trust to.  As an Incarnated Angel, or as a truly spiritual being, it is important to get correct information, and not to be mislead. In line with this topic, I will again mention that I brought forward the concept that some people are actually Incarnated Angels in 1996, and in 1998 I published the first article ever written on the subject. To date, the idea has become widespread within the metaphysical and esoteric communities, but in addition to the original truths that I laid out in my original articles on the topic, the concept of Incarnated Angels has also been twisted by others into an incorrect  meaning, uncomfortably divergent from the original message as given to me by Archangel Michael.

AllowAngelsToHelp-AngelReadingsByZARAThis is because the concept was hijacked by one who used it for what she perceived to be the commercial value, in spite of the fact that she had no direct knowledge on the topic. What I have found from speaking with numerous Incarnated Angels who found those books and misleading statements first, (before finding me), was that they stated that they knew that parts of what she said was true, (information she had gotten from me), and that parts of it was concocted and false. Some of them told me that they immediately got sick to their stomachs, and could tell she was totally off. Many have described in detail how they recognized this, how it affected their thoughts and emotions, and how this realization caused them to search the Internet until they found me. Upon coming across my website and my blog, they knew they had found the truth. They tell me they know they can trust me. Again and again, hundreds of Incarnated Angels tell me they now have no doubt. They know they can trust.

What this means is that it is not necessary to give your trust to those who do not deserve it. When you find the true teacher and successfully access your wisdom and intuition, you will know. Then trust will not be an issue. You will know you are safe, and that you are “home”. And you will be right.

An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApnghelp you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

If you would like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or for guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752

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