Interview with Archangel Michael

Interview with Archangel Michael Through ZARA ANGEL

St Michael - ZARADear Friends,

Jai Tiger Reed had an idea no one had ever thought of before. She wanted to directly ask questions of Archangel Michael through ZARA ANGEL, Archangel Michael’s Channel, and she wanted to publish the interview in a metaphysical newspaper, The Blue Star Gazette for the 2005 Christmas issue. When she called me requesting the interview, I inwardly consulted Archangel Michael. I wanted to be sure it was alright with Him before I answered. As I checked within and asked, He said “yes”, and that is the reason that, for the first time in eternity, Archangel Michael granted a newspaper interview.


The following is the newspaper interview written by Jai Tiger Reed, then owner of The Blue Star Gazette in Port Townsend, Washington

Interview with an Angel

For the First Time in Eternity, Archangel Michael Grants a Newspaper Interview

By Jai Tiger Reed, Editor

To understand the context of this interview, let’s first talk to ZARA ANGEL – Archangel Michael’s Channel

JT: ZARA, beyond all our usual trappings about them, who are the angels?

ZARA: Angels are beings that God created first. Some people look at them like they are a product of a religion, they are not. They can be found since ancient time in different religions and different systems of understanding. The good angels of light are our best guides to help us make good decisions and to help us get our lives to the point where we are really doing what we came here to do. I wasn’t raised in a religious family; I just felt love and support from the angels. To this day, I’ve wanted to share that. It’s important to me to share that the good angels are not only real. They love us and they care.

By God, I mean Spirit, Divine Essence – not a man in the sky. God is a Divine Force of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Angel Miracle Healing - ZARAIn connection with the Earth, there are specific angels that are assigned to help our planet and to work with the people of the earth. Those good angels are our best guides. Without them, we lose track of what we’re supposed to do. We lose our way. I have always felt very blessed in life because I feel a strong connection with God as Love. That connection has helped me so much, and I’m sure that’s the reason Archangel Michael chose me as his Channel.

JT: I know that’s true, because I’ve worked with you many times, and it’s obvious that Archangel Michael really works through you. So tell me now, when Archangel Michael contacted you…How did that happen? What did he say?

ZARA: It was in 1996 while I was working with a client.
I had an overwhelming realization that he was in the room with me and he wanted me to understand that I was His Channel. I had gotten to the point where I was ready. He wanted me to understand that what I was doing was exactly what I came to Earth to do and that I would help many, many people along the way.

JT: Wow! So now, let’s do the interview with Archangel Michael…

Note about faith from Jai to the Reader:

Open your faith, good…open it more. Can you believe? If you could interview Archangel Michael, what would be your questions? What if it was true that this ancient supreme spiritual Being came through for you… in this very moment as you hold this paper? Would you believe?

When I first started working with ZARA, several years ago, I did not even believe in Angels. I contacted ZARA because she was an advertiser in The Higher Source which I had just purchased. When I called her and heard her voice, I knew that I needed to have a session with her so I followed that not knowing why. In addition to changing, perhaps saving my life, my work with ZARA has changed my entire spiritual paradigm.

Our next two articles will contain the actual interview…

Interview Part 1 and Interview Part 2

***First Published in The Blue Star Gazette
in December 2005


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