Hearing The Messages From Angels

Can You Hear the Messages the Angels Have For You?

HearAngelMessages-AngelReadingsByZARAWe are living in a time when the Angels are very close by. Before the recent decades, it kind of seemed like angels were all but forgotten. While there has always been some books about Angels that could be found when you were really looking, now, the bookstores and metaphysical bookstores are filled with them.

This is a very exciting time – a time when more and more people believe in angels and are open to their guidance. This is the reason I do my readings…because the angels have messages for many people. The problem is that because most people cannot hear their subtle voices, they need to go through someone who can hear the angels, and that someone is me.

Making Your Own Decisions…

When people come to me for readings, the angels and I give them the information they need, but I don’t make up my clients minds about what they actually do. While they are able to ask questions and receive answers for nearly all their questions, when it comes to making the final decisions about what they do with the information, the decision is up to them.

Some psychics and counselors actually do tell people what to do, but I don’t do that. The reason for my not making people’s minds up for them is that I am unwilling to take away anyone’s power. What I do instead is, I give people psychic insight into the situations they face, and, upon request, I also tell them what the angels would advise for them, but ultimately, the actual decisions people make about their own lives are their responsibility.

There are times when people want someone else to make up their minds for them. I don’t mind advising people based on my knowledge and the angel’s insight, but if I were to tell people exactly what to do, I could be taking on some of their karma, and I don’t do that.

The angels and I love to help people in their decisions.

Oftentimes, the clients and I discuss the their possible choices, and we look at these choices together. We discuss the pros and cons of different ideas, and the angels often, through my mediumship, come in and tell the client which choice would be best in their view. Sometimes, the angels say that any of the choices we discuss is okay, and it doesn’t matter which one they pick. It’s totally up to them. Sometimes, they warn against certain choices, and strongly suggest another one.

MakingDecisions-AngelReadingsByZARAOf course the decisions in people’s lives can have to do with love, money, relationships, career choices, and various other things such as where to move, and what to major in in college. These are some of the categories the angels and I are able to help people with. After people’s readings, they often tell me how happy they are that they found me, and that the guidance they received in the reading was remarkably helpful.

For my part, I feel very lucky that I can talk to angels and that they talk back to me. I also feel tremendously fortunate that people who want help from the angels can actually hear them through my mediumship, and that they choose me to help them discover the angels’ messages and guidance for them.

Having an Angel Reading with ZARA will help you understand who you are, help you find your purpose and help you receive the messages the Angels have for you.

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