Channelling Archangel Michael

Channelling Archangel Michael’s Message on Love and Defeating the Dark Side

ArchangelMichaelInsructions-AngelReadingsbyZARANote from ZARA:  The following is an excerpt from an interview between Jai Deardorff, editor of Blue Star Gazette, and Archangel Michael as channeled through my mediumship.

These words of wisdom Archangel Michael spoke that day, a few years ago were so profound and important for the time we were going through, and are going through now, I have chosen to share this with you so his message can continue to spread and give you the hope and courage to continue forward in defeating the dark side.


Archangel Michael on Overcoming the dark side…

There is a dark side attack that is happening in the astral realm that is affecting the whole earth. The dark side wants people to believe that darkness will win and that love will not help. The dark side wants people to give up their faith. This is their ploy, intended to obstruct goodness and light from prevailing.

But everyday the sun shines and those of you who believe in love and God and light will find that everything is in divine order. And good will absolutely win.  I work with my legions and other Archangels to fight against the darkness to prevent the Earth’s destruction so you do not need to worry, as sometimes you have been prone to.

As you chant, “I claim divine order in my life” you will help goodness and love and light to prevail. Many of you are working with me in the astral realm in your sleeping hours.  The dark side always wants people to feel hopeless and alone. Yet  even the darkness serves the light. They just don’t mean to serve the light. But the light will always win because light is all that is real. 

The dark side is scrambling now because so many people have come into the light. The consciousness of humankind is expanding. The illusion is that darkness is winning. But it is not! The focus of your news media causes people to feel that dark is winning. You need to let go of this illusion.”

Goodness will triumph!

AngelsGuideUs-AngelReadingsByZARALove each other.

Love and accept yourself.

Do the best that you can do every day with the situations that are presented to you.  

Do your best to bring in the light through the work inherent in your true purpose here on earth.

Each one of you is important in bringing about that transformation.

Don’t listen to the negative programming.

Keep your focus on the light and the light is what you will bring to the world, to each other, to all of humanity, and to the earth itself. In so doing, you will see that light and love and goodness will triumph. And we the angels will be able to bring in more positive influences to guide you even more. 

We live and we operate on a frequency of love. When you get into fear, you cannot hear us, you block yourselves. We try to reach you but it is impossible under those conditions. That is why we channel through ZARA. She helps to bring these messages so that people can actually hear them with their own ears, to get into their purpose, to make the above-described transformations faster than you would expect.”   

–  Archangel Michael

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