Angel and Human Connection

What Is The Connection Between Humans and Angels?

CreationOfAngels-AngelsReadingsByZARAFrom what I have learned from Archangel Michael directly, is that angels were the first beings created by God.  Before that point, God was all by Him/Her self in a vast realm of Beingness. Then God created angels. The angels He/She created were made out of the only substance that was available, and that was God Himself. That is reason the angels were very God-like. In fact, the angels were the only creation that existed for eons of time, and all was harmony in the celestial realms. Eventually, God decided to develop a lela–a play–and, for that play, God created the earth and humans.

How Did Angels Feel About the Creation of Humans?

As stated above, before humans were created, all was harmony. The Angels were incredibly powerful, hugely intelligent, and were filled with amazing energy. Because at that time, they were God’s only children, they held a monopoly on God’s attention and love, and they liked this very much.  But after the humans were created, everything changed. Just as a first child who is suddenly faced with having a new brother or sister in the home may subsequently become overwhelmingly jealous, irate and hate their newest sibling, so one-third of the angels felt jealous, indignant and hated the “newfangled” creation of humans.

It was not all of the angels who felt this way. It was only some of them…one-third to be exact. The reason for their unhappiness was they felt threatened. They became especially incensed when they learned that God not only really loved the humans, but was even going to give the humans the capability of earning spiritual immortality (through meditation on God, and the good karma that would naturally come from loving each other and performing good works).  This meant that, over time, the humans could theoretically become similar to the angels in power and strength, and the jealous angels didn’t want this. The angels who went against God became what is known as demons.

The good Angels did not resent the humans, and did not doubt God. Looking upon God with love and devotion, they had no difficulty in accepting the humans as a worthy creation. In fact, they wanted to help.

It is the good angels we will now draw our attention to, and when I use the term “angels” in the rest of this article, it is only the good angels I am referring to.

GuardianAngelHelp-AngelReadinsByZARAThe good angels are the ones who love both God and humans, and do their best to help. They are the ones who act as guardian angels for individual humans, as well as protectors and guardians of the earth and other planetary systems.  They are loving, wise, powerful, understanding and helpful.

Angels Presence In Our Lives…

From the beginning of human creation, good angels have been with us–guiding and protecting those who called on them for help. There are times when the good angels even help people who do not call on them for help, but this cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, the angels definitely assist people who actively call on them for help.

In my personal journey, I first became aware of angels when my grandma passed away. I was nine at the time, and loved my grandma deeply. I was present when she passed, and at that moment, I saw angels by the ceiling above her head. I knew they were there to comfort her and to escort her to heaven. This was an amazing experience for a little nine-year-old, and it changed my life. I knew angels were real!

A few months later, as I was lying in bed thinking about my grandma and how much I loved her, I saw good angels by the ceiling above where I lay. Their presence was comforting, and I knew my grandma was okay.

Do Good Angels Have Magical Powers?

The good angels are here to help everyone who genuinely and sincerely asks them for help. They help us by first directing us to love and serve God, then to loving and helping each other, and then to helping us solve our problems.  They usually do not fix things automatically, as in magic. Instead, they help us by unraveling many of our problems organically. Sometimes, however, they do solve problems instantly. This is particularly true in terms of near-accidents they help to prevent, as well as other forms of spiritual intervention that quickly, and literally save our lives.

AngelProtection-AngelREadingsByZARAThere are many stories about angels protecting people from near accidents. At a cross-walk, a man named Mitchell, for instance, felt his body forcibly pushed back by an invisible hand just as he started to absent-mindedly step out in front of a passing bus. He hadn’t noticed the bus, but if he had actually stepped out, he would have been killed. Although, of course, he didn’t ask for help at that moment because he wasn’t aware of the danger, the angels were there instantly and prevented the disaster.

A woman named Cindy told me that as she was driving in icy, snowy weather, she needed to stop fast, but as she applied her brakes, instead of stopping, she started to skid into the rear of the semi truck. She closed her eyes and prayed. Then, at the moment of what should have been impact, instead of crashing into the semi, her car went over the semi, and she found herself suddenly in front of the truck rather than behind it! It was such an amazing experience, she could barely believe it. She shared it with me because she knew I would understand, and she knew that others would probably not. She didn’t want the beauty of her amazingly miraculous experience to be tainted by others’ doubt and disbelief.

In the course of the Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling I do, I’ve heard many stories from people about their experiences with angels. Even many who have never seen or heard an angel before, love and believe in them. In fact, probably because I am an “Angel Reader”, and people wouldn’t even come to me unless they had a predisposition to believe in and revere angels, most of the people I talk to truly believe in them–whether they’ve directly experienced them or not.

As a matter of fact, according to recent polls, about 70% of Americans believe in angels, and believe they are helpful.  This is good, because the more people believe in angels, the more likely they are to ask angels for help and accept their guidance. This is where my Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling comes in. Since most people cannot see or hear angels, and thus are not sure what guidance the angels have for them, they have me as an avenue to get answers from the angels for the guidance they need.

An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApnghelp you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness.

If you would like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, and how to accomplish your “angel work”, or for guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752

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