Archangel Michael on Peace

A Message of Peace From Archangel Michael


We are on the verge of something wonderful. Because of all the light that is presently flooding our planet, a huge change for the better is scheduled to arrive very soon.

That’s what Archangel Michael says, and of course, he would know. He says that while it is true that our planet is presently experiencing apparent chaos, light is now streaming in more than ever before, and a new day is coming in which the planet will be healed and people will live in peace.

Through meditation and communion with angels, using the pendulum to access information from the Akashic records, I personally am experiencing a major renaissance. While in many ways I’ve been far more aware than most of hidden truth behind the scenes, so many more pieces of the puzzle have been provided, that the whole picture is at last becoming totally clear and I am deeply surprised. To sum it up, the truth I have seen is that the side of darkness has had far too much control over our planet for a very long time, and now, we of the light have a fabulous opportunity to take our power back, and allow our world to heal.

There will be peace…

Though world events are alarming, Archangel Michael continues to inform me that our planet is currently being lifted into higher and lighter energy than ever before. While on the surface it seems that things are getting worse, Archangel Michael assures me that it is really better than it seems, and although forces of negativity are still trying to keep us in the dark, the light is overwhelmingly changing everything, and soon, the light will be fully manifest, and goodness will prevail on earth.

But all this light is exactly what the negative forces are afraid of. They are afraid because when people are filled with knowledge and light, they will no longer be easy to control. Then, through an awakened awareness of their spiritual power, people will cease to operate from fear and will instead operate from love.

WorldOfPeace-AngelReadingsbyZARAIn fact, this is exactly the reason the negative forces have stepped up their game of darkness. They are afraid that with all the light coming in, people will wake up, realize their power to love each other and heal the planet, and will no longer listen to those who have purposely maneuvered us into self-destructive activities such as war. Then, when enough people have awakened to the game and will no longer participate, the ones who have controlled our information, manipulated our thinking and badly influenced our actions will be exposed and their power over us will be overturned.

Looking into the future, I love to imagine how wonderful it will be when war, poverty, sickness and starvation are no longer as much of a threat to our earth. I also like to imagine having a country and a world in which alternative and effective healing of cancer and other diseases are commonly accepted and widespread, and vitamins and supplements are no longer subject to government control. And, according to Archangel Michael, that’s what’s coming, as he and his angels continue to usher in the light.

With light rapidly streaming from other solar systems from other galaxies, a more consciously thoughtful populace on planet earth is starting to arrive. But they are not arriving from other places. They are here right now. They are you and me, your family and neighbors, people of all colors, people of all nations, people who believe in goodness and follow the light.

How you can Enhance Your Belief in Goodness and Follow the Light:

  • UsePendulum-AngelReadingsbyZARAPractice love
  • Live a simple life
  • Meditate
  • Learn to use the Pendulum
  • Commune with angels
  • Claim Divine Order in Your Life
  • Pay Attention
  • Feel gratitude and joy
  • Share your knowledge

Schedule your private session with me, and we can work together to clear any issues you might have and develop your plan to do the work you were sent here to do.

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