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The Akashic Records Can Help You Heal

Scales ofTruth-AngelReadingsByZARAMetaphysically oriented people generally believe that good prevails over evil, but sometimes, when we look at the “reality” we are faced with in life, we start to wonder if life is fair at all.  The problem with metaphysical, “light beings,” is that we usually believe in Truth so much, we often reveal more than is necessary and later find ourselves in unjustly compromising situations in which unscrupulous people can twist the truth in order to hurt and control us.

This puts us at a major disadvantage when we find ourselves up against manipulative liars and conscious deceivers.  The dilemma we are faced with is that in some instances, people have a hard time telling the difference between a sincere person and a bold-faced liar.

In fact, sometimes a bold-faced liar can seem more believable than a truthful person, because bold-faced liars make up such outrageous stories, many people believe that no one would say such things unless they were actually true.  On the other hand, honest people, just sticking to the truth, can seem rather uninteresting, and will often state facts that sound too good to be true—even though they are true.  So, as ironic as it may seem, many believe a bold-faced liars’ fabrications over the true statements of honest people.

A real life example…

An example of this is Hitler’s big lie—that the Jews were responsible for all of the ills of the German people. Because it was said over and over again, huge numbers of people came to believe Hitler’s evil fabrication, and thus, millions upon millions of innocent people suffered and died.

The sad fact is that false accusations, which threaten innocent people’s reputations, are frequently wholly accepted by many that are told the tales. Too often, people simply believe what they hear because they heard it. This is so sad, because it means that good people can be attacked and found guilty without any justification whatever.

Healing through the Akashic Records

In doing Angelic healing and therapeutic counseling, I find many whose lives have been immeasurably harmed by the lies and conscious manipulations of others. Sometimes they have lived in torment for many years.

Take Jane, for instance.  Jane, who married Bob when she was in her teens, found herself in an emotionally negative marriage.  Although she tried to please him, her husband constantly found fault with her.

DisrespectfulChild-AngelReadingsByZARATogether, the couple had three children. Jane did virtually all of the work in raising them; but as they grew, their father blatantly taught the children to disrespect their mother. This situation caused endless frustration and grief for Jane. Because she did not know how to stand up for herself, she felt helpless. Eventually, after 25 years of frustration and indignity, Jane decided to get out of her marriage.

Yet, getting out meant facing the proverbial devil himself. Because she knew that Bob was unpredictable, and Jane was afraid of what he might do if she told him to leave, Jane decided to be the one to leave. She took the kids and moved in with a friend. Many months later, after Jane found the courage to serve Bob with divorce papers, he turned vicious. The weapons he used against Jane were the kids.

Because Bob had already accomplished so much groundwork in causing the kids to disrespect their mother, the rest was easy. Bob got hold of the kids and systematically taught them to despise and mentally torture their mother. He did this by telling outrageous lies about her—lies which caused the children to believe that Jane did not care about them, and that she was a terrible mom.

Jane, identifying as a “good mother,” desperately wanted to care for the kids, so when she had them with her, she tried to teach them to behave and be responsible. However, with their father’s lies and training fresh in their minds, they would not cooperate, and caused their mother’s life to be a living hell.

Jane didn’t know what to do. By the time someone recommended her to come in for a session with the Angels, Jane was beside herself with consternation and despair. Her uppermost thought was that the kids’ behavior was completely her fault. She thought that she had failed as a mother—even though she had always done her best.

What I found, after reading her Akashic records, was that Jane was not responsible for the poor behavior of her children. She did her best. Her husband sabotaged her work. She had no way to stop this from occurring.

Bob and the kids lied about Jane, falsely accused Jane, and tried to make Jane fall prey to believing that she was worthless. To a large degree, Bob’s scheme to get revenge and hurt Jane was working.

YourGuardianAngels-AngelReadingsByZARAIn the reading that we did, the Angels not only vindicated Jane, they also taught her new strategies to deal effectively with her situation, rather than remaining helpless.

The results were extraordinarily positive. For the first time in a very long time, Jane felt understood, vindicated and loved. This helped her to learn to stand up for herself, develop stronger boundaries with her children and other people, and helped her become confident that the move she was making in getting out of her marriage was truly right for her.

The good news I have to offer to all those who have endured similar attacks to those described above is that the Angels provide a wonderful system of justice, which cannot be modified. Principally, what this means is that the Angels literally record every thought and action performed by each of us, and fortunately, the Angels get everything correct and accurate to the minutest of details. In many cases, this complete accuracy translates as vindication for people whose lives and reputations have suffered from false interpretations of earlier events.

In my next article I will talk about how the Akashic records bring out Truth.

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