Past Life Regression

Can A Past Life Regression Experience Help You In Your Current Life?

PastLifeRegressionExperience-AngelReadingsByZARAIn the Angel Readings I do, many clients want to know if they’ve lived before. When I look for the answer, with Archangel Michael as my guide, I often find that the answer is “yes”. At that point, I reveal what I see from their past lives…

  • who they were
  • where they lived
  • the time period
  • and what, of significance, was happening at the time.

The answers that come through are fascinating, and they not only help the clients understand what they’ve been through before, but also help them to better understand the life they are living now. This can even help in solving problems in their current lives.

Past Life Regression Experiences

Some examples from past life regressions include clients formerly being healers, spiritual teachers, living in various countries – sometimes wealthy through good fortune, and sometimes poor.

I’ve seen examples of past lives where the clients were soldiers, doctors, homemakers, temple maidens,  ship builders, watchmakers, dancers, actors and playwrights. These only represent a few…In fact, I have seen just about every scenario you can think of.

Some of the past lives I find for people through my psychic skills, and working with Archangel Michael, are amazing and exciting. Some are much more mundane, calm and peaceful. But all of them are interesting and important.

Some clients express a desire to witness their past lifetimes first hand. So, when a client requests this, we schedule a past life regression.  During the past life regression, I encourage the client to verbally describe what they witness, so I can know what they’re seeing. The scenes that the clients describe are often engaging and meaningful.

How a Past Life Regression Helped One Man…

One past life regression that particularly stands out in my mind, was one in which a spontaneous healing took place.  This past life regression was with a man in his 30’s. I’ll call him Dan. The issue that prompted the past life regression was that Dan had chronic pain in his right shoulder, and he thought looking into his past lives might help him discover why he had this problem, and what could be done about it.

DeepHypnoticSleep-AngelReadingsByZARAAfter guiding him into deep relaxation, and regressing him back to a time relevant to the pain he had in his shoulder, Dan found himself in an aboriginal culture as the group’s healer. As he continued sharing with me during hypnosis, he described what he was seeing.

He shared that the group had brought the leader’s deathly ill and unconscious daughter to him with the full expectation that, even though she was very close to death, he would heal her. In that past life, at that moment, Dan was in a state of dread. He knew he could not save her, and he also knew his head was on the line, because, if he could not heal her, he would not be allowed to live. Of course, he tried to save her…but he failed.

I then suggested that Dan relax and go deeper and reminded him that everything was okay. He was only looking into a past life. He was really safe here and now.

When he was deeply relaxed once again, I told him to fast forward to find out what happened next. It was then that he saw that the princess had died, and in the past life, he was scared.

Fast forwarding to the next scene, the members of the group beat him to death. One of the first blows he received was a particularly painful one to his shoulder. This, apparently, was the origin of his current life’s shoulder problem.

I then suggested that Dan rise from the scene, and experience peacefulness. I reminded him that even though this event may have happened in a previous life, he was safe and alive in the current life as Dan. Then I suggested that his shoulder feel better, and that all the pain and problems associated with his shoulder would be gone.

When I brought him back to his normal waking state, Dan spoke appreciatively about the past life regression, and told me it was really wonderful. He said it made him feel much better, and was so pleased that his shoulder pain was gone.

From that time forward, whenever I saw Dan again and asked him about his shoulder, he said the former pain never recurred.

To me, the above story illustrates that understanding various events that you have experienced in past lives can help you overcome problems in your current life. And sometimes those positive changes, found through past life regressions, can be very quick and amazing!

Learn more about yourself, enhance your own spiritual journey, and possibly even your Purpose as an Incarnated Angel.

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