Your Psychic Ability

Awakening Your Psychic Ability

PsychicAbility-AngelReadingsByZARAWhen my daughter was young, she and I would sit on her bed with playing cards, and we’d and play a fun game. We were trying to increase our psychic abilities. One of us would hold the deck of cards and the other would pick one, but not look at it. Then we’d guess whether it was a black or red card, and often we’d get it right.

Then, we moved up to more specifics…at that point, we’d pick any card from the deck, and guess the card. This, of course, was much harder. Sometimes we’d get it right, and sometimes we wouldn’t. Either way, it was a fun way for the two of us to bond, while simultaneously practicing our psychic abilities.

One time, she and I slept on the sofa-bed in the living room, which was very fun. That night, we started playing a game that she made up in, which one of us would think of a number between 1 and 10, and the other would guess what number it was. We were both good at it, and we both enjoyed it. Then, she decided to up the metaphorical ante and pick a number between 1 and 100, and I had to guess.

I was trying to “get” the number, but I wasn’t sure, so I was waiting for it to “pop” into my head. Then I had to go to the bathroom. As I wended my way to the bathroom, I relaxed and stopped thinking about numbers. As I sat on the “throne”, (as they say), and stopped thinking about numbers at all, I suddenly knew the number was 50.

As I came out of the bathroom, I approached my daughter and confidently stated , “the number is 50”.

Crestfallen, (because we were playing a “game”,  and she had hoped to stump me), “That’s right. The number is 50”, she reluctantly conceded,

I had gotten it right, and although I will never play that game again, I enjoy the memory. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is because, from that experience, I learned a valuable lesson that I’d like to impart to you…

The secret for developing your psychic ability…

That secret revolves around two important concepts—trust, and relaxation.

  • MeditateAndListen2-AngelReadingsByZARABy “trust”, I mean, learning to trust your intuition.
  • By relaxation, I mean, letting go of tension in the body and emotions, and just allowing yourself to receive subtle messages from God, the Angels, and your own High Self.

Just about everyone experiences intuitive and psychic knowings at times.

An example commonly experienced is thinking of a person you haven’t heard from in quite a while, and then, within and hour— or a day or two, “coincidentally”, hearing from them. When they call or text, seemingly out of nowhere, you just know within yourself that there was no coincidence. Your energy caught their thought, and you had received a psychic message.

 Sometimes, in fact, the phone call comes immediately after the person pops into your mind. When that happens, it’s uncanny. When that happens to you, you can tell it’s not a coincidence. You can tell for certain. You just know.

Receiving psychic messages…

When you receive a psychic message as described above, why does it happen when it does? Have you ever noticed the message comes to you when you’re relaxed, and when you’re not really thinking about anything? There’s a lesson here. That lesson is, when you’re relaxed is when you’re most receptive to your natural psychic skills—even those skills you weren’t aware that you had.

Another key ingredient helpful to increase your psychic ability is to adopt a regular practice of meditation in which you sincerely focus your attention on the Divine.

Why meditate? When you regularly practice a tried and proven method of meditation, you learn the art of deep relaxation as you gradually, simultaneously become adept at developing your psychic skills. In other words, through regular meditation and tuning into the Divine, you learn to profoundly relax and thus become open to receive psychic messages.

In a future blog post, I will follow up and talk about How to “Expand Your Intuitive Skills”

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