What is An Angel Reading

What Is An Angel Reading?

AngelReadingPrayer2-ZARAAn Angel Reading is a psychic reading directed by the Angels of God.

When I invented the concept, and began calling my work Angel Readings, I did it because I recognized that the Angels were behind my psychic gifts, and I wanted to give them credit – not wanting all the attention directed towards me, but mostly to the Angels of God.

When I do Angel Readings, I begin with a prayer, “Beloved Spirit, Angels of Light, Beings of Light, Beloved  I AM, Beloved All, Beloved OM, please be with us now, and give us a good and accurate reading, messages and guidance for  _____. Thank you God. Thank you Angels. Thank you so much….”  Then, I clear out negative entities including discarnates, separates, demonics and satanics, so we’re just working with God and the Angels of Light, rather than any other Beings.

When does the Angel Reading begin

After this, having prayed to God and invoking the Angels, I begin the reading.

AngelGuidnce-AngelReadingsbyZARAAt this point, information about the client comes through. The reason it comes through with such strong accuracy is because the Angels are guiding me. What’s most amazing about the process is that, although I can start out working with a complete stranger, the information comes through, and I’m able to describe the client’s characteristics and situations accurately. Then, after the client confirms that what I have said is correct, and fills in more details about what they are going through, and why they are having the Reading, I’m able to do energetic clearing on a deep and profound level. Because the energy of this clearing is very strong, the client usually feels the clearing, and relates that they can tell it is working.

What are Angel Card Readings?

Other people now doing Angel Readings are practicing something different from my primary style. Using Angel cards, the Reader pulls from a deck, and lays out three cards for past, present and future. I’ve tried this too, and it’s kind of fun. Although not as much detail comes through a cursory reading such as this, it does have value, and can be quite delightful. Sometimes I do this kind of reading too – to add variation to my routine, and gain additional perspective to help the client.

Although the kind of reading I regularly do is far more complex and detailed, in fact, the Angels come through in Angel Card Readings as well. Sometimes people who come to me relate that they have gone to another Angel Reader before me who helped them, and they say that the help they get from me enhances the help they had initially received from their previous Reader.

The difference between psychic readings and Angel Readings…


Angel Readings help people to get more of the answers they need than they’re able to get through mere psychic readings. This is because Angel Readings are specific as to whom the Reader is receiving answers from – Angels of God – whereas regular psychic readings can be sourced from other entities – that are not always good.

In my case, I always begin with a prayer to God and his Angels, and then clear out negative entities, so I always know exactly who I’m getting answers from: God, Archangel Michael, and other Angels of God in Archangel Michael’s legion. This is the reason my work is so genuinely helpful. It’s coming from such a positive source.

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