What Are Discarnates

What Are Discarnates?

PrayerBeforeReading-AngelReadingsByZARAWhen beginning an Angel Reading, I always start with a prayer invoking God and the good Angels.

In this way, I ask God and the good Angels to guide the Reading. In addition, I clear out negative entities.

Both of these steps are important because…

  • First, I want God and the good Angels to guide us in each session
  • Second, we want to clear any and all negative entities so the Angel Reading is both accurate and completely beneficial for the person having the session.

While clearing out negative entities, I go through a whole list of different types of negative entities that we want to be rid of. The first group I clear out are “Discarnates”. By this I mean Beings who crossed over from this life to the next, but didn’t go into the Light. They are dis- (without) carnate- (body) i.e., they have no body.

Discarnates, when around an individual, can cause confusion, irritation, negative thoughts, subtle depression, and other negative energies of that ilk, so it is important to get rid of them. That’s why I begin each session by clearing them out.

Where do Discarnates come from?

The answer is, although invisible to the naked eye, they abound in the earth’s atmosphere. Since they did not go into the Light when they had the chance to, they search out the Light in any way they can, because in a certain way, everyone seeks out the Light, even the Discarnates.

It is no wonder that in these days of confusion and unrest, many people have lost their sense of spirituality and connection with God. When such people pass from this life, unexpectedly or not, they sometimes fear the Light when they see it immediately after leaving their body, and therefore avoid going into the Light while they have the chance.

Each person, after passing from this life, has only 72 hours to go into the Light, and if they fail to do so during that 72 hour window, they can easily get stuck. They have then blocked themselves, (at least temporarily),  from going into a heavenly place, and instead, find themselves hovering around the earth as Discarnates.

Then, wishing they had gone into the Light, they look for Light wherever they can find it, which they sometimes find around the auras of spiritual people.  In other words, the more Light you have around you, the more attractive you are to the Discarnates!

After being cleared, where do Discarnates go?

ClearedIntoLight-AngelReadingsByZARAWhen the Angels and I clear them out, we clear them into the Light. This is good for the Discarnates, because then they get to go into the Light. This creates a win-win scenario in which the Discarnates are getting assistance to go into the Light, and the person getting the Reading can instantly feel lighter and better.

When I’m doing Readings, the Discarnates are very easy for me to clear, which I always do before begin. Problems that they cause for people are numerous and irritating, but after they are cleared, those problems are gone. That is one of the reasons that after getting one of my Angel Readings most people report feeling much much better than they felt before we had begun.

When I clear out the negative entities called “Discarnates” , I am helping the Discarnates themselves as well as the client. I say this because the place the Discarnates are sent to is into the Light, and that is exactly where they need to go and long to be. By clearing them into the Light, we are releasing them from hovering around the earth’s atmosphere, and we are helping them into a place where they can continue their journey for their highest good and well-being.

So, it’s helpful for the Discarnate and the client…it is not fun to have Discarnates around, even if you are not consciously aware of those Beings’ existence. They can even make a person feel mad and irritable. But after sending the Discarnates into the Light, the client typically feels much better.

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