War In Heaven

Has The War In Heaven Ended?

WarInHeaven-AngelReadingsByZARApngAs I’ve said many times before, some people are Incarnated Angels…While all humans are children of God, Incarnated Angels, who were also made by God, were created earlier.

In days of old, as is recorded in the Bible as well as in “Paradise Lost”, by John Milton, there once was a war in Heaven. This war was precipitated by certain Angels becoming jealous of God’s love of the humans, and created a rebellion. This rebellion resulted in one-third of all the angels being expelled from the heavenly realm, while the two-thirds of angels remaining maintained loyal to God, and thus were able to hold on to their ability to be in the Heavenly realm.

After the war was at least ostensibly finished…

…the rebel angels, (which I call demons), started coming to earth and purposely influenced humans in evil ways meant to corrupt them. They did this in order to get them to do bad and destructive things. Why did they do this? Because by doing so, they knew the humans would feel more distant from God, and many would lose their connection with Him. This is what the fallen angels, (demons), were trying to do.  They were trying to get humans to give up their divine connection, because this, they believed, would hurt God.

Over time, while many people became corrupted, there have always been those who remained loyal to God, and are trying their best to bring light, love, inspiration and goodness to humanity. Many of those who have remained loyal to God are actually Incarnated Angels. This means they incarnated on earth, not because of their karma, or the things they needed to learn primarily, but because they felt a Divine calling to come to earth to teach, guide and help regular humans so that the dark side entities would not be able to destroy the humans’ ability to reestablish their connection with God.

While the war in heaven seemed to be over when the bad angels were expelled, in reality, their expulsion was only the end of a battle, but the war rages on. In the time we’re living through now, what we’re actually dealing with is the culmination of the war, which will then lead to the beginning of an entirely new wonderful era, which is called the new earth.

Have you noticed that things are really strange these days?

EvilLosingWar-AngelReadingsByZARAStrange, illogical ideas are openly pushed on people, and everything normal, that decent people hold dear, is under attack. The reason all this is happening is because the evil ones are trying their last-ditch efforts to win in what they really know is a losing battle.

Of course they are losing the war. In fact, the war was already over before they even began. They thought they could win against God, but now that they know they’ve lost, they’re trying everything they can think of to delay their inevitable total destruction and annihilation. You see, this time, God is no longer going to give them time to repent.  They’ve had thousands of years already to repent, and they haven’t done it, so now, they’re through.

Archangel Michael suggests…

What I receive from Archangel Michael about all this is that the Incarnated Angels’ job these days is to first stay true to logic and reason by praying and meditating as much as possible each day for the purpose of consciously staying in Truth. And secondly, for each of us to do our best to influence others to pray, meditate, and stay true to logic and reason as well.

StMichaelArchangel-AngelReadingsByZARASome people are open to hearing about Truth, and others are not. Archangel Michael recommends noticing whether people you come in contact with are open or not, and only discussing controversial things with those showing an opening, and not trying with those who are obviously closed.

Being a worthy Incarnated Angel requires doing whatever you can to stay close to God, and to follow the guidance that you get from that closeness.

Some people are just now realizing that they are Incarnated Angels, and are now being activated by God to do their part in the end times of this war.  Remember, the time on earth following this period is going to be fantastic, and we want to take as many people along with us into the New Earth as possible. This thought will help you through the short, difficult period of the war we’re now living through. Take heart.  It will get better soon.

Just remember, above all things—stay close to God.

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