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What I Learned From My Visit From the Buddha

Buddhists Believe in Reincarnation - Angel Readings by ZaraProcrastination about effectively dealing with issues brings continued unhappiness, whereas intelligently facing issues head-on with courage, conviction and truthful determination allows one to develop greater self-respect, integrity and Inner Peace. I learned this as a universal truth that applies to everyone, and I also learned that many problems people face can be solved through an intelligent formula of facing their fears while concurrently letting go of attachment to outcomes.

I came to the understanding from a visit I had with the Buddha. Not being Buddhist, I was very surprised when I felt his presence with me in the summer of 2008. As I stood in front of a desk in my bedroom, getting ready to straighten up some paperwork, I suddenly became aware that Buddha himself was standing next to me and that he wanted to tell me something. This seemed natural and important, so I stopped what I was doing, closed my eyes, and listened.

Gaining Happiness

“Give up attachment” he said.

“I’ve heard about that teaching before, and I’ve already tried that, but I haven’t been successful. I admit I am very attached to my children, and many other things”, I replied.  “That doesn’t make sense to me!”

“Give up attachment… to OUTCOMES. Give up attachment to outcomes. Then you will see”, he said. “Giving up attachment to outcomes was my original teaching, but the final words, ‘TO OUTCOMES’, were lost, yet THIS is the teaching I wanted to share with humanity, but the meaning got changed.”

He communed that when, in his life, he came to the insightful surmise that “LIFE IS SUFFERING”, he tried to solve  this dilemma through meditation.  Through meditation,  he realized that the only thing in life that can be guaranteed is that LIFE WILL CONTINUALLY CHANGE.   For instance,  that which may seem like a problem now, may lead to something good in the future.  And good things can shift as well, so in order to be better prepared, it behooves one to recognize possibilities, and realize that LIFE WILL CONTINUALLY CHANGE.

Angel Helpers - Angel Readings by ZARABuddha’s words gave me a new understanding that helped me in my life and in the Angel Readings I do for people. I could see he was right. The concept of GIVING UP ATTACHMENTS SPECIFICALLY TO OUTCOMES was the part of the formula for happiness that had previously eluded me, but was now clear. My next step was to apply this new concept and see what would happen.

What I learned was an amazingly simple and logical truth: The one thing we can count on in life is that everything here is in a state of flux. That means that whether things are to our liking, or not, it’s always guaranteed to change. So, when things are wonderful, you can enjoy this, but don’t be surprised when changes occur, because they will… And on the other hand, when things are not to your liking, those things will change as well, and sometimes the very things that seem bad will turn out to be good as life progresses.

What I’ve realized from this is that outcomes do not necessarily determine success and happiness. In fact, early on, when I was avoiding issues and just hoping they’d go away by themselves, I did so because I was so attached to outcomes, I was afraid that what I wanted might not happen. The surprising truth I discovered was that even though several outcomes did not go my way, the act of facing my fears, regardless of outcomes, resulted in a much greater state of inner peace and happiness. Then I came to understand that even things that seem bad are just temporary and may lead to something good.

What I now know is that by transcending attachment to outcomes, one can see and joyfully experience the perpetual truth that NOW, THIS VERY MOMENT, EVERYTHING IS IN DIVINE ORDER.  There is never a reason to become attached to specific outcomes, because everything will always change, and you never know what Good will happen next.

The beauty of not being attached to outcomes is that no matter what, things keep changing, so there is no reason to to be attached to problems of the moment. For instance, one may lose a job, and then get a better one that they would  never have gotten if their other job had not gone away. Or, a person could lose a relationship, but  as a result, get into a better relationship, which, if the old relationship hadn’t ended, they would have missed.

Can we escape sadness?

When we lose something we want, we typically become sad or depressed because we imagine that our happiness is diminished or gone, but the truth is, everyone can remember times in their past when they lost something that temporarily made them sad, yet because of later positive events, the sadness went away and their happiness came back.

AchievingHappiness-ZARAWouldn’t it be amazing to skip the steps of most of the sadness and depression, and instead choose happiness very quickly? Can you imagine being so spiritually present as to realize that whatever has changed for the worse could simply be a precursor for something better coming along shortly? That is an optimistic approach to life, and one that makes sense.  The reason: everything is constantly changing, and there is no reason to get attached to the way things are now. THEY JUST MAY GET BETTER!

The fact that each of us can remember times when our happiness turned to sadness, and then later, our sadness turned to happiness, and on and on into the ever-changing NOW offers an important link in understanding the key to happiness in life. That is, there is no reason to get terribly attached to whatever is happening in the moment, because it’s always changing anyway.

Yes, there are big, important things that happen that can be upsetting, but even those things will change as time goes by. If we realize that fact fully, life becomes easier, and we come to realize that happiness is a choice, and each of us has the ability, this very moment, to CHOOSE HAPPINESS NOW!



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