Using the Akashic Records

How Can the Akashic Records be Used?

AkashicRecords-ZARA-AngelIn my last article, my topic was  “What is Recorded in the Akashic Records?”, and today I’m going to share some experiences I have had with people during their reading when I accessed their Akashic Record.

The fact that there are angels with us all the time,  keeping track of every detail in our lives, can help you begin to understand how important each and every one of your decisions really is. And when I say the angels keep track of every detail, I mean this literally.

My witness of the Akashic Records

The reason I know for sure that the Recording Angels keep track of everything is because I’ve seen my own Akashic Records firsthand, and I’ve witnessed the angels in their scribing. Not only this, but daily, in the Psychic Readings and Angel Readings I do, I access the Akashic Records, and for this reason, at times, I am able to access things like people’s exact words and exact thoughts during certain events that have already taken place in their lives.

The Akashic Records in my readings…

Once, when a young woman of about 20 years of age came to me for a reading, I told her an exact phrase she had thought that she had never told anyone about. When I repeated the phrase, she laughed because the phrase was mischievous, and she absolutely remembered thinking the thought. She said that people always thought of her as a good girl, and little did they know she actually had such thoughts, but she admitted it to me, and in laughing about it, began to see herself objectively and this helped her straighten herself out a bit.

A 2nd example:

prayinsecret-zaraAnother young woman who had been raised in a family that did not believe in God, secretly prayed in her bedroom, and I described an exact ritual that she had performed as she came into a feeling of spirituality within herself in the privacy of her bedroom.

I can often see into the future – sometimes to tell my clients what will happen, and sometimes to warn them to avoid certain things. I can also give them strategies to effect the outcome that would be best for them – the outcomes that they really want. In fact, this is a very strong point about the work I do. You see, for the most part, I really do not believe in fate. And this is exactly why clearing negative programs out of the Akashic Records works so well. As I clear negative programs out, and teach clients ingenious ways to create positive outcomes, their lives become happier and more fulfilled.

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