Understanding Dark Side

Benefits of Understanding How the Dark Side Operates

TheLightSide-AngelReadingsByZARAIt would be wonderful to be able to truthfully say that the side of Light has already won all battles here on planet earth, but unfortunately, this is far from the case. In fact, those of us on the side of light have our work cut out for us. The Cosmic War, affecting the entire earth, is currently in full force.

Incarnated Angels, and Angelically inclined humans are especially under attack by the Dark Side.  This is because, for the past many centuries, Incarnated Angels have incarnated on earth in order to help God help the regular humans by teaching them through writings, art, music, oration, inventions, and by modeling proper modes of behavior, etc. In these and many other ways, the Incarnated Angels are therefore showing people love, kindness and understanding, and are sharing enlightenment, and the Dark Side doesn’t like that.

This does not mean that being either an Incarnated Angel or an Angelically Inclined human is a bad thing. The truth is, as either of the above, you are very blessed and extremely protected when you apply prayer and certain spiritual knowledge to the mix. For instance, both Incarnated Angels and Angelically inclined humans can learn to use positive affirmations to ask and receive protection and also to manifest happiness and prosperity in their lives.

The Dark side is against all humanity…

DarkAngels-AngelReadingsByZARAThey do not like anyone helping the humans. Since Incarnated Angels are here to help humans, the Dark Side detests Incarnated Angels. They hate everybody, but especially Incarnated Angels. For this reason, Incarnated Angels are the ones they target most. This is completely true, however, understanding this and knowing how they operate can help you to not only stave off the attacks sent in your direction, but can also help you to turn the energy of their attacks into actual blessings.  This is demonstrated in the animated movie, Sleeping Beauty…

In the scene in which evil demons attempt to pour hot metal onto the heroic prince while on his way to rescue the beautiful princess, and the good entities, representing good angels in the film, manage to turn the hot metal into flower blossoms, which, when falling on top of the prince’s head, do not cause any damage at all, and instead, alchemically turn into blessings.

The need for Incarnated Angels…

The reason Incarnated Angels were needed on earth in the first place was because, without them, regular humans would essentially be lost. In far earlier days of earth’s true history, everyone could see and hear the Angels on high whose job it was to guide and direct people. It was only after the energy of the earth became very dense that most humans could no longer see or hear Angels on high. After this, Incarnated Angels were needed to volunteer to incarnate as humans so that their words of guidance and wisdom could actually be heard by regular people and be a source of help and inspiration.

HelpingHand-AngelReadingsByZARAOf course, people could see and hear other humans, so some Angels needed to come to the earth in  human form in order to give humans a fighting chance to understand how things work, and to help them make informed decisions regarding their life paths and spirituality. The Incarnated Angels did not come to make anyone listen to them, or force anyone to do anything, but instead, they came to disseminate information and inspiration for self-chosen, open-minded people “with eyes to see, and ears to hear”.

Incarnated Angels intuitively understand that they are here to help others, so they tend to be helpful, kind people from the time they are children.  They have a feeling of “goodness” inside, and they enjoy being good and helping others.

Angelically inclined humans are very similar in their plans and actions to Incarnated Angels.

They are divinely connected and have their origins as human souls rather than literally possessing souls of Angels. They, like everyone else, are derived from Source – God – and their High Selves are one with God. A person can choose to be an Angelically Inclined human merely by choosing God, the good Angels, and Goodness as the main focus of their lives, and by living each day as God-based as they possibly can. Together, Incarnated Angels and Angelically Inclined humans are intuitively working together to stave off the Dark Side’s evil plans for the earth, and to do all they can to turn things around in favor of Divine Order and Goodness.

If the Dark Side had its way…

The earth and all its inhabitants would be perpetual slaves to them, and would have no happiness at all. This is what the Dark Side is going for, but this is not what they’re going to achieve. The Dark Side would also like the majority of the earth’s human population to be decimated so the earth’s humans would be easier to control.

The problem Incarnated Angels and Angelically inclined humans face from all this is that the Dark Side is against humanity, and as such, the Dark Side hates anyone who tries to help the humans.  Since Incarnated Angels and Angelically inclined humans are naturally good and helpful to people, the Dark Side wants them stopped. The Dark Side wants humanity hurt or wiped out, and they loathe anyone who dares to help them. Because of this, the Dark Side targets Incarnated Angels and Angelically inclined humans even more vehemently than they go after regular humans.

This, then, is the reason that you, as either an Incarnated Angel or an Angelically inclined human would do well to learn how the Dark Side operates in order to protect yourself from Dark Side attacks, and to clear out the dark energy that will be and has been shoved at you by the Dark Side.

ZARAOnPhone-AngelReadingsbyZARAIn my Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling, the Good Angels and I help individuals by finding and explaining details of what has really been going on in their earlier lives when they have been attacked, what’s happening now. I’m also able to uncover exactly the Dark Side Machiavellian techniques and tactics being used on those clients and what the Dark Side is trying to achieve.  When the client hears and understands what tricks and tactics the Dark Side has been using against them, they are then in a much better position to protect themselves, and not to fall into Dark Side traps. When you understand what their tactics are, and through my help in Angel Readings, you will discover what knee-jerk actions to avoid, and gain advantages you otherwise would never have.

In my next blog post, I will explain certain techniques the Dark Side regularly uses, so that, through knowledge, you find yourself in a better position to protect yourself against Dark Side tactics and shenanigans.

If you would like guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752. An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you with every aspect of finding and staying on your highest true life path.

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