Transition To New Earth

Where Can We Find Help Making The Transition To The New Earth?

TransitionToNewEarth-AngelReadingsByZARAAs of December 21st, 2020, our world has entered a new cycle—an entirely unfamiliar reality to humankind which is called the New Earth, also correlating to the Age of Aquarius. As the transformation from the Age of Pisces, (the Age we were in for the past 2,000 years), to the Age of Aquarius takes place, everything each of us is familiar with is being shaken up.

Although the transition from the old age to the one we’re in now has been taking place for several decades, the escalation of dramatic changes has increased to the point of becoming extremely difficult for humanity to deal with emotionally. This is why getting guidance and messages from the good Angels at this time is more important than ever.

The good Angels are very close to God and have the ability to communicate important messages from God that you need to know. They will tell you things that will help you understand what is really happening behind the scenes.  While humans and Incarnated Angels can know part of what’s going on from what they see and hear, the Angels of God on High have a more aerial perspective, and can share important information with you that will bring you a much broader understanding than you probably ever would have seen without the Angels’ help.

Our lives are in a state of upheaval…

LivesInUpheaval-AngelReadingsByZARARight now on planet Earth, largely due to the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, each of our lives are being shaken up.

  • Our beliefs are being shaken up.
  • Our relationship to God and the Universe is being fine tuned, refocused and shaken up.
  • Our relationships with other people are being shaken up.
  • Our relationships with ourselves are being shaken up.
  • In short, we are all essentially being shaken to pieces!

During this shake-up, many are discovering that they have not been living up to their own ideals, and they can’t stand it anymore. They’re finding out that many of the habits they previously rationalized as being permissible, are actually bad and honestly need to go. It could be that they were wasting their time with frivolous activities that offer no benefit to their lives, or living with the wrong person, or that they are addicted to foods or drugs that are bad for them, or that they are not spending enough time in creativity, or prayer, or reading, or whatever it is. They just know something has to change because they cannot take it anymore. They know they have to make a change!

Help in making the transition…

AngelsAreLikeBeacons-AngelReadingsByZARAThe Angels of God that I work with in the Angel Readings I give are helpful with this. They are like beacons, they lead, they guide, they give insight and they direct. While the good Angels are not dictators and do not tell anyone what they must do, they do offer advice and guidance that is enormously important and helpful. So, since everyone needs help sometimes, it’s incredibly positive to note that the Angels are here to help you–and you can find out what they want to tell you through your Angel Readings.

I feel honored to be doing this work with the Good Angels of God, and I feel especially blessed that this work is helping so many people in their lives. So remember, NOW, while so much is in turmoil, and circumstances and situations are currently more confusing than ever–now is the time to schedule an Angel Reading with ZARA so you too can get the direction and understandings you need to help you live the extraordinary, joyful and meaningful life you’ve always wanted.

Love and Blessings to All of You!

Learn more about yourself, enhance your own spiritual journey, and possibly even your Purpose as an Incarnated Angel.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and the use of a pendulum, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

We can help you discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life.

Please Contact Me and call me at: (425) 741-9752

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