The New Earth

What Can We Expect In The New Earth?

NewEarth-AngelReadingsByZARAMany years ago, while standing in my friend’s kitchen and looking at her as she was sitting at the table at the end of the room, God suddenly gave me the impulse to say…

“You know what—we could wake up one day and find the whole world completely changed. I mean—we could look out the window one day and be shocked to see that the sun looks way different from before. The birds outside are like those we’ve never seen. The colors are brighter and different. The flowers are composed of incredibly striking hues we’d  never before even imagined. And everything in our reality could suddenly be changed!”

Those were prophetic words that I had no way of consciously knowing at the time, but they were true. And as my friend reminded me, these words were spoken. They had nothing to do with anything we were talking about at the time. They came out of the blue!

God had gotten me to say these words about the future that I had no way of knowing at the time. Yet now, as the good Angels of God have helped me to inderstand, (as opposed to understand), since then,  I discovered that my words were a channeled prediction of the New Earth.

Yes, the New Earth is coming soon…

In fact, right now, it’s in the process of becoming our reality.

The ironic part about this is that the dark side is now making so much noise that it seems like the dark side is winning. Yet, this is not what’s actually happening. In fact, if you really pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes, what you’ll find out is that the side of light is rapidly getting so powerful that the dark side is being forced to expose itself—thankfully leading to its finally being extinguished.

Praise the Lord!

So, to sum it up , what’s happening in the world right now is that the dark side is being forced to show itself, and the side of Light is taking over.

Because the dark side is panicking, they’re doing stupid things. The Good Angels, out in the universe, are fighting against and eliminating the evil ones in another dimension, while simultaneously good Angels in human form are fighting against the evil ones here on earth.

So things on this earth are necessarily uncomfortable right now, but it will get better. We just need to be patient a little while longer, and remember to pray.

While we’re in the process of the New Earth coming back over time, what I am getting from the good Angels is that the real shift is going to come rapidly, in fact, possibly like my channeling described above in which we wake up one day and find everything completely beautiful, peaceful and wonderful beyond anything we ever even imagined.

For some reason, I see big beautiful butterflies as part of our new reality. We’ll see!

The way I see it is that every single person in the world is being tested right now as to which way they’re going—whether to the 5-D reality some of the world’s population will go into, or whether they will stay in 3-D reality many will be leaving. Those who are filled with any variation of hate or fear will stay in the 3-D reality where things in the future will get progressively worse, while those who choose faith and love as their predominant thought will advance into 5-D where there will be no more war or strife for a thousand years.

Can you imagine what the 5-D reality New Earth will be like? Imagine wonderful healing technology, formally suppressed, being available to us. And while you’re at it, imagine the use of all that technology being completely free and accessible to all.

  • Imagine no more wars.
  • Imagine people being able to communicate telepathically, and everyone being able to hear the good Angels.
  • Imagine being able to fly like you can in your dreams.
  • Imagine no more poverty at all and everyone having just as much as they need.
  • Imagine a time when the evil corporations are gone, and people getting to use their time to help each other, and help to improve and heal the earth.
  • Imagine a time when trees on earth are absolutely huge, and are communicating with each other and with us in ways we never even thought of before.

This is what the New Earth will be like. It’s going to be amazing, wonderful, magnificent, and glorious.

So what should you do to prepare?

The most important thing you can do right now is to give up fear and hate. How can you do that? Just decide that you’re not afraid of anything—that no matter what comes up, God and the good Angels will see you through, and trust that everything is going to be alright.

NewEarthJoy-AngelReadingsByZARAIn terms of hate, just decide you don’t hate anyone. You can hate what they do, but hating the person is unnecessary and unfortunately ties you to them in ways detrimental to you. Resolve problems between you if you can. If not, forgive them from afar to release that pain from your heart. You don’t need to have them close to you, but you can forgive them anyway. Doing so will make your heart feel better.

Another thing you can do to prepare is to pray and meditate.

 You can also read inspiring books. Certain Bible verses can be totally helpful. This is one I love:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all else shall be added unto you”.

To me, this means meditate deeply, and in this way you can know God.

Another important thing you can do to prepare is to have Angel Readings and clearings so you can get questions answered and get the additional direction that you need.

The New Earth is going to be amazing and is coming swiftly! For those who do the above mentioned simple things to prepare, and who do their best to have a pure heart, the 5-D reality we’re going into will be glorious, fulfilling and fun!

Through Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and the use of a pendulum, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness no matter what is going on around you.

We can help you discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “Angel Work”, or receive guidance for a happier, more meaningful life.

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