Talking with Archangel Michael

Talking with Archangel Michael Through ZARA


For the First Time in Eternity, Archangel Michael Grants a Newspaper Interview (Part 2)

By Jai Tiger Reed, Editor

InterviewWithArchangelMichael-AngelReadingsByZARAIn our last article we prefaced this first time ever interview with Archangel Michael. In this article we will begin the actual interview.

As ZARA prepared herself to receive Archangel Michael my fingertips began to sweat. What if? I watched her energy change, I watched her face soften. I watched her posture change. We had been talking for about forty-five minutes, so I was startled at the changes in her voice, her pronunciation, her new word use, tone and cadence. This was real and as I asked my first nervous silly question, chills ran up my spine!

Interview with Archangel Michael

JT: Archangel Michael, is this your first newspaper interview?

Archangel Michael: Yes. This is the first time.

JT: Archangel Michael, there is a lot of concern and fear about what is happening on our planet right now, from wars, disease, and all these relentless natural disasters. What is happening on earth right now?

DarkSideAttacks-AngelReadingsByZARAArchangel Michael: There are Dark Attacks that are happening in the astral realm that are affecting the earth. The Dark Side wants people to believe that darkness will win and that love will not help. The Dark Side wants people to give up their faith. This is their ploy, intended to obstruct goodness and light from prevailing. But everyday the sun shines and those of you who believe in love and God and light will find that everything is still in Divine Order, and Good will absolutely win. I work with my legions and other Archangels to fight against the darkness to prevent the Earth’s destruction so you, Jai, do not need to worry, as sometimes you have been prone to. As you chant, “I claim Divine Order in my life” you will help goodness and love and light to prevail.

Many of you are working with me in the astral realm in your sleeping hours. The Dark Side always wants people to feel hopeless and alone, but even the darkness serves the light. They just don’t mean to serve the light, but still…the light will always win because light is all that is real.

JT: Where are we as a planet in our evolutionary process? Are we in the worst of things now? Are things going to get worse or better?

Archangel Michael: The dark side is scrambling now, because so many people have come into the light. The consciousness of humankind is expanding. The illusion is that darkness is winning, but it is not. The focus of your news media causes people to feel that dark is winning. Let go of this illusion!

JT: So what’s the best thing for us to do now?

LoveEachOther-AngeloReadingsByZARAArchangel Michael: Love each other. Love and accept yourself. Do the best that you can do every day with the situations that are presented to you. Do your best to bring in the light through the work inherent in your true purpose here on earth. Each one of you is important in bringing about the transformation. Don’t listen to the negative programming. Keep your focus on love and Goodness and that is what you will bring to the world, to each other, to all of humanity, and to the earth itself. In so doing, you will see that light, love and goodness will triumph. And we the Angels will be able to bring in more positive influences to guide you even more.

We live and we operate on a frequency of love. When you get into fear, you cannot hear us. You block yourselves. We try to reach you, but it is impossible under those conditions. That is why we channel through ZARA. She helps to bring these messages so that people can actually hear them with their ears, to get into their purpose to make the above-described transformations faster than you would think possible.

JT: People being in their purpose, does it feed or energize Angels?

HelpTheAngels-AngelR3adingsByZARAArchangel Michael: Yes! We the Angels cannot transform your world by ourselves. We need your help. As you listen to us and accept our guidance, we are overjoyed. Because working together will change everything in the most positive way imaginable. That is what the Dark Side does not want you to know. It is really simple. As you listen to our true messages, we will help you to transform your world into Goodness and Love, but you must listen in order for us to do this.

JT: What about the people who don’t work directly with Angels or do other kinds of spiritual work?

Archangel Michael: Many who are working in their own avenues of spirit are working with us far more than they comprehend or would guess. They connect through their intuition and their inner knowing, and gradually we are able to show them that they have been working with us all along. We are not judgmental. We are accepting.

Sometimes changes need to be made in your lives in order to help you live your life as you originally intended according to the plans you made before incarnation. You are not alone. The Angels are with you. You have help.

In our next article, we’ll not only finish our interview, but we’ll discuss with Archangel Michael the concept of Christianity.

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