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Who Are The Wonderful Supernatural Beings Known As Angels?

AngelsSupernaturalBeings-AngelReadingsByZARAFor as long as humans have been on this earth we have known of the wonderful, yet mysterious supernatural beings known as Angels.
We have known them from their visitations, but only when we open ourselves to receive their messages can we fully receive their help and guidance.
Sometimes it’s they come to us as a voice from a speaker unseen, or a feeling that communicates something important that the we could not have known otherwise.  
Sometimes it is through a vision, with eyes open or shut. 
From the dawn of time, mystics have had visions of Angels, some loving, some terrifying, and always life changing.
Angels are the messengers of Divine Spirit (God/Goddess). The Angels are said to be early creations of Divine Spirit (God/Goddess) who rejoice in doing the will of Divine Spirit.
Some Angels simply spend eternity facing Divine Spirit, singing praise in adoration. Others have jobs or tasks assigned to them that bring them into contact with humans. 

Some of the better known Angels are:

  • SupernaturalArchangelMichael-AngelReadingsByZARAArchangel Michael, with his sword, who battles evil.
  • Archangel Gabriel, with his trumpet, who makes announcements.
  • Archangel Raphael, who is often called on for healing.
  • Metatron, who was once Enoch before becoming an Angel.
  • Azrael, who assists and guides the souls of the dying to Heaven.
  • Also, well known are Guardian Angels who protect us in times of danger. 
Some Angels walk the earth as Incarnated Angels in the form of men or women and you might never even know they are Angels…so it is important to always be kind to strangers.
The ancient Hebrews told the story of three Angels who walked up to the tent door and were properly received by Abraham and Sarah. The Angels told them that they would become parents regardless of their advanced age, and this prediction proved to be true.
Angels do the will of Divine Spirit, which can often be difficult to understand. Angels bring lovers together, bring souls to new babies, and after a short or long life help guide the soul back to heaven, usually not on the timetable we would choose.
Angels help us to connect the visible world of our daily lives with the invisible world of the Divine Spirit.

Angels from every culture… 

There are traditions, legends, and folklore of beings similar to Angels from all the cultures and peoples of the earth.
There are winged messengers carrying the word of Divine will. There are mysterious visions of physical visitors that come prior to a miraculous healing.
Some examples of these similar Beings include:
  • SupernaturalCupid-AngelReadingsByZARARoman Cupid, winged archer of Love & Valentines Day
  • The Devas of Hindu India
  • Celestial beings with supernatural powers that carry messages and respond to prayers for healing and miraculous events.
  • Greek Hermes, the winged messenger of the Gods who was also responsible for healing and teaching the first doctor how to heal.
  • Valkyries of the Norse who would fly down to battlefields to gather the souls of the dead heroes and take them to Valhalla (Norse Heaven)

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