Stop Living In Fear

How You Can Stop Living In Fear?

Choosing to Trust in God and the Angels Will Help Keep You Safer and Help Eliminate Fear

StopFear-AngelReadingsByZARAThe best thing you can do right now, and at any other time in your life, is to believe in God and the Angels, trust them to love and protect you, and feel their loving presence.

Living in fear is a way to attract exactly the thing you are afraid of. This principle is unchangeable. Even so, large numbers of people have thrown that truth aside and are not only extremely afraid, but pride themselves on their fear as if to be afraid is somehow morally superior.

I don’t agree with that. I feel that having faith in life and God and the Angels removes the fear, helps you to think rationally, and helps to keep you safe.

Now that the world is rapidly becoming very different from what we were all used to, this is a good time to ponder and reflect upon your past, and reassess the direction you want for your future.  Many people were just go, go, go, before the change happened. They were:

  • getting up in the morning
  • feeding their familie
  • going to work, coming home
  • taking their kids to sports practices and game
  • going out to restaurants
  • going to church
  • sitting at the computer
  • working in the garden
  • going to meetings and gatherings
  • mindlessly watching television
  • talking on the telephone
  • and in general, to a certain degree, taking food and life for granted

Now, everything has changed, and very few people are taking anything for granted anymore.

It’s a good opportunity to reassess our lives…

Since people of the world were told to stay inside, my impression is that just about everyone is under a state of mild to severe trauma as they realize their lives have radically changed in ways they never expected. This is causing people to think differently from the way they were thinking before, and this change in thinking represents a wonderful opportunity to rethink and reassess their choices.

ReflectOnLife-AngelReadingsByZARASome people are now more serious than ever before about their spiritual path, and their relationship with God and the Angels, and their relationships with themselves. That’s a good thing, because being more reflective and thoughtful can help people to get more in tune with the purpose of their lives.

Before, while people were so busy with work, entertainment, and sleep, they were not spending much time thinking about the deeper things regarding life. Now that their lives have changed, they’re starting to think about who they really are, and what they came to the world to accomplish. Many of them are getting closer to their families, and connecting with family and friends over Zoom or Skype.

It’s amazing to think about how much all of our lives have radically changed in such a very short period of time! Whereas, up until now, most people did not think twice about eating out in restaurants and getting together with other people in social clubs, churches, and various other normal social activities…now, everyone’s afraid.

Is fear helpful?

Personally, I live in a very small beach community in Ocean Shores, Washington. In the clean, ocean air place that I live, only a few people are acting and looking scared. Some though, are looking and acting chronically panicked.

DontPanic-AngelReadingsByZARARecently, I asked a woman if she was scared regarding the pandemic. I was hoping to strike up a conversation with someone who feels the same as I do. She informed me that she was very scared and also let me know she thinks we should all be really really scared.

Her response threw me for a loop, and at that point, I wished I hadn’t asked her. But it was okay, because through this short conversation, I was able to see the mindset of some people, and understanding other people’s mindsets is important to know how to navigate through.

When I told her I’m not afraid, she looked at me like I must have something wrong with me. She seemed actually angry, so I just stopped the conversation and moved on.

I believe that living in fear is never helpful, because then your brain’s not engaged. The truth is, when you’re afraid, you can’t think as clearly, and you tend to make bad decisions. Not being afraid is so much better, because then it’s easier to be rational and logical in your approach to whatever challenge you are facing. Having a calm, rational mindset, helps you to think and act quickly whenever the need arises.

The truth is, fear will not help people, because in reality, people attract what they fear.  We’ve all been exposed to this truth many times. One example is from the famous quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, who said,

The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

Another example is from the Angels in the Bible who are reported to have said to people many times,

Be not afraid.”

I believe we should all take those words seriously, and by doing so, each of us will be safer, happier, and more tuned into Truth.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

Would you like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life?

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