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How Goodness and Truth Can Make a Difference

TruthMakesTheDifference-AngelReadingsByZARAIn today’s world, where truth is always being questioned, we need to be the one that can be counted on to speak the truth.

In a previous blog post, I talked about darkness on earth, and how negativity such as war, corruption and hate seems to be so prevalent, that the thought of any one person making a substantial positive difference may seem almost impossible. Yet the truth is, that even one person has power in their lives, and that even one person can make a difference…

One of the things good people and incarnated angels have in common is that they often look at the way the world is now being run, and feel that the world is in such a sorry condition, that we do not belong here.

Yet we are here. What’s the point? Do you think God made a mistake in sending you here? In fact, do you think that your own High Self made a mistake when choosing to incarnate on earth?

Be a reflection of truth…

The answer that I have received from Archangel Michael on this topic is that we are here to make a positive difference, and making a significant positive difference is easier than we think. In fact, all you need to do is be kind to people, and animals, show bravery and vigilance when needed, and live so much in Truth, that nearly every word that comes out of your mouth, and nearly every thing that you do reflects this ideal. While it is true that living this way is uncommon, it is really not so difficult as you may imagine.  You just need to make a decision to be this way, and start now. In fact, it is refreshing…

The truth can make a difference…

A story Archangel Michael brings to mind to illustrate this point was written by Hans Christian Anderson called, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

In this story, two deceitful “weavers” come to town to convince the Emperor that they can make a finer suit of clothes for him than he had ever owned before. Since the Emperor is a very vain clotheshorse, he agrees to allow them to weave a beautiful outfit for him at a very steep price.

The scheisters are actually not weaving anything at all, but through illusion and trickery, they convince him that the fabric they are supposedly weaving is so special that it can only be seen by intelligent people, thereby directly implying that even though he may not be able to see the fabric, he’d better pretend to, or people will think he’s a fool. Yet the cloth does not exist, and this is simply a tactic the crooked weavers have concocted in order to get the Emperor to give them value, while delivering nothing of value in return.

Through word of mouth, the townspeople also got wind of the notion that they had better pretend to see the fabric, even if they don’t, or people will think that they’re unintelligent fools.

BoyPointingOutTruth-AngelReadingsByZARASo on the day in which the Emperor’s new clothes are supposedly complete, and as planned, he parades down the street showing off his new outfit, (which in reality doesn’t exist), everyone oohs and ahs, pretending to see the nonexistent “glorious” garments. In this way, the crowd unwittingly supports the weavers’ deceit because they are unwilling to speak the obvious.

Then, a small boy, sitting on his father’s shoulders to watch the parade go by, innocently remarks, “But he’s wearing nothing at all!

After making this simple, truthful comment, the crowd recognizes the truth and suddenly sees through the deception. They then speak their true observations, “He’s wearing nothing at all!  The Emperor is naked.  He’s wearing nothing at all!”

In the rest of the story, the Emperor, attempting to maintain his dignity, simply continues regally parading through town, but now, feeling rather sheepish, he realizes that he’s actually naked.

The moral is that if even one small child, innocently telling the truth can make such an enormous difference, imagine what you can do by living and speaking truth in your life.

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