Role of Incarnated Angels

The Divine Nature of Humanity and the Role of Incarnated Angels

IncarnatedAngelsAndHumans-AngelReadingsByZARASince 1996, I have been working through articles, lectures, and one-on-one therapeutic sessions to share important, completely accurate information concerning what Incarnated Angels are, how they can recognize and understand themselves, and how, from that point, they can proceed successfully in their life’s journey. This is the job Archangel Michael handed me in 1996, and is my role specifically.

Others, lacking direct knowledge about Incarnated Angels, have written on the topic, and much of what they have put out is incorrect, confusing, and discombobulating to any genuine Incarnated Angel on a search to discover the truth. Many people have contacted me to discuss the incorrect information they read from other authors, and they feel very disturbed by it. So much of it is incredibly shallow, and truly represents the opposite of all the salient qualities of Incarnated Angels.

True Incarnated Angels recognize this discrepancy when they read it, and it bothers them. For instance, Incarnated Angels do not necessarily have blond hair and heart-shaped faces, and, incidentally, those surface descriptions have absolutely nothing whatever to do with whether someone is an Incarnated Angel.

Understanding truths about Incarnated Angels…

SoulOfAnAngel-AngelReadingsByZARA Another thing that has bothered true Incarnated Angels, (as they’ve told me),  is that certain writings have stated that Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels are two different things. They are not two different things. They are just two appellations for the exact same phenomenon. Yes, Incarnated Angels are Angels who have incarnated in human form. Earth Angels are also Angels who have incarnated in human form. This has nothing to do with genetics. It is a matter of the soul. Either appellation, (Incarnated Angel or Earth Angel),  can be used to reference the same thing. To bring genetics into the mix, and to say that Earth Angels are half human and half angels is to miss the point entirely. The truth is, the names Incarnated Angel and Earth Angel refers to humans who have the soul of an Angel–literally. That is what being an Angel on earth is really about. It means your soul is actually the soul of an Angel.

Another thing some of the books and articles on the topic get wrong refers to Incarnated Angels having a weight issue, and/or autoimmune difficulties. The truth is, Incarnated Angels do not have to have a weight issue, or have autoimmune difficulties. Others, who are not necessarily Incarnated Angels may read that, believe it, and get fooled.  But true Incarnated Angels will usually see that something about that supposed “information” is incredibly off, and while anyone can have weight issues, etc., that, in and of itself, has nothing to do with being an Incarnated Angel.  People who read such things, and are put off by it, tend to continue their search, find my writings, recognize my description of Incarnated Angels as being correct, and call me to schedule an appointment for their first Angel Reading.

In the beginning…

When I first started doing Angel Readings in 1996, I was the only one doing such a thing. I was the first Angel Reader, (and yes, I am an Incarnated Angel). The reason I picked that title was because the Psychic Readings I had to offer were coming to me from the Angels of God, and I wanted to give them credit. I wanted people to know that the messages and guidance they would get from me were coming to them from the Angels and not from any other unseen entities.

AngelsCameToEarth-AngelReadingsByZARAAnyone who has read my writings already knows that I write primarily about Incarnated Angels–what they are, why they are the way they are, and tips about what they can do in the various situations they come across in journeying through life. I have also stated that the main reason Incarnated Angels have come to earth in the first place, (although this is not a new phenomenon, but instead has been going on, beyond most people’s awareness, for hundreds, if not thousands of years), is to help God by doing their individual parts to uplift humanity.

Now, the question is, what’s so great about humanity?  Why is helping to enlighten them so important? The answer to this is that humans are divine. Every human has the capacity to be very close to God, and to live a Godly life, but most don’t know it.

Why do most people not recognize their divine nature?

When you look around at the world and see its current state, you may wonder if people and the world have anything good about them at all. Wars, violence and hedonism are so rampant – especially noticeable if you actually listen to the televised NEWS, or read the newspaper. If you perform this ritual, (watching the NEWS), you might believe that things are are not only bad, but getting worse. This, however, is not the attitude the Angels on high have imparted to me. They tell me that yes, the world is in a bad way, and there definitely is a problem, but the reason for the problem, and the solutions are not what people think. The real problem is not that mankind is bad or hopeless, but that mankind has been misled to not know about or believe in their own divinity.

GodsCreation-AngelReadingsByZARAHumans are a very special creation, and God loves the humans dearly. Every human was created with a divine spark. That divine spark is God, so God is within every human he/she created. Yet humans, of every country, have been heavily programmed to believe they’re insignificant. The problem is that people have bought into that programming, and as long as they are steeped in it, and not released from it, they cannot possibly recognize, understand, and use their divinity.

The Incarnated Angels are humans too, and are divine also. But the Incarnated Angels tend to be much more aware than regular humans, and it is this awareness that they are meant to impart to whomever they can – both regular humans and other Incarnated Angels.

If the humans of this world finally started to realize who they really are, and their true spiritual nature and status with God, they would no longer subject themselves to following illogical rules and codes set out by society. They would, instead, think for themselves, and therefore be happier, and do a much better job of helping and doing good for others.

Incarnated Angels are supposed to inspire and help themselves and others to become fully positive in their attitudes and behaviors. My job is to inspire Incarnated Angels to go forth to do their best to positively influence others. Most of them have already been doing this, to some degree, but I help them work on this even more.

Again, the divine nature of the human, and God’s deep love of the human, is the reason we Incarnated Angels are here. And while we’re here, Incarnated Angels are fully human as well. The hope is that Incarnated Angels can help God through caring about the regular humans, helping them  to wake up and to learn that each of them is truly a child of God.

I’m very excited to recognize and share how truly important to God mankind actually is. This is so different from the attitudes taught in school and other parts of society that lead one to believe that humans are unimportant.

Not only that, people have also been programmed to believe that there is no God. The darkside has been working on this for years. They want us to believe that the planets, the sun and all life came about by a fluke of nature, and there was no intelligent design behind anything. In fact, the opposite is the truth. The truth is that every beautiful, natural thing that exists, exists because it was created by God. This includes the humans.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

Would you like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life?

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