Repeating Numbers

What Do All the Repeating Numbers Mean?

RecurringNumbers-AngelReadingsbyZaraEveryone is noticing it… 11:11; 10:10; 1:23, 2:22; 4:44; 3:33; and various other combinations. Why are we noticing it now, and what’s it all about?

The first number I started noticing repeatedly was 11:11. I’d notice it on clocks, on signs, on buildings as addresses, and sundry other places, and from the very beginning, I felt very special about it–like the Angels were communicating with me in some way, but I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. At first, I thought I was the only one noticing this phenomenon, but as time went by, I’ve realized it’s a whole phenomenon that many people are noticing and it’s causing quite a stir!

Now it seems like many people are noticing recurring numbers, and more people are awakening to the phenomenon every day.

But what do the numbers mean?

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence when every day, twice a day you see 11:11 on the clock. It seems uncanny, so it must mean something, and that something is pretty exciting.

My angelic sources tell me it means that the wonders of the universe are open to you, and that you are in alignment with positive changes that are coming your way:

  • 2:22 is an indication of intuition and harmony. It could mean that you have solved problems in your life recently, or that something out of kilter will soon be set right.
  • 10:10 means good fortune is coming your way – faster than you may realize..
  • 1:23 means things are coming together in ways you could not have predicted, and the sequence of coming events will logically fall into place. You’ll still need to do your part, but as long as you do, the Universe will help you gain what you are seeking.
  • 3:33 means all is well. It’s still good to be cautious, but, with hard work, things should work out well.
  • AngelsinYourLife2-ZARA4:44 means there’s really nothing to worry about. Much of your work has already been done, and things are in place.
  • On license plates and other signs, 777 means this is your lucky day.
  • 888 means God is watching over you, and you are protected.
  • 999 means you’re through a cycle, and it’s time to reflect and rejoice.

Of course, there are many other combinations that you may notice. Generally, recurring numbers mean the Angels are using numbers and the symbols to communicate with you. The Angels’ most important message? They are with you, and you are loved!

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